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EXPOSED: Cities intentionally poisoning drinking water

The cities of Flint, Michigan and Sacramento, California both thought they found a way to save money on municipal water treatment. What neither city told it’s residents was that their cost-cutting measures would endanger public safety. In Flint,

Flint Michigan and Sacramento California both exposed their residents to poisoned drinking water – intentionally

a state of emergency has been declared after it was found that children in the city had lead levels in their blood that were 10 times higher than what is deemed dangerous by the EPA. In Sacramento, the city added a chemical to the water called aluminum chlorohydrate, which forms carcinogenic disinfection byproducts. What’s truly shocking about both cases is that each city knew that their cost-cutting efforts could result in polluted drinking water and they did it anyways.

Update: Legionnaires Disease outbreak in Flint may be caused by Flint River water

1/18/16: The situation in Flint, Michigan discussed in this article is still breaking. Late-breaking news sources report that there is an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease that may be linked to poisoned water from the Flint River. 87 cases of Legionnaires has been reported, 10 of which were fatal. Most of the victims were and are children. Updates will be posted to this blog as they come available.

Sacramento secretly adds cancer-causing chemical to water supply

Starting in 2013, the City of Sacramento decided to conduct an “experiment” to save money on water treatment. Residents of Sacramento were never notified that they were taking part in the city’s water treatment experiment. The city replaced the alum normally used as a flocculent with aluminum chlorohydrate. A flocculent binds to sediment, silt, and other impurities to make them easier to filter out. However, early on in the experiment, it was discovered that the aluminum chlorohydrate was not working well at all. The city decided to double down on it’s failed experiment and added massive amounts of chlorine to it’s water to compensate.

Chlorine + Aluminum Chlorohydrate = Carcinogens

Clearly, Sacramento failed chemistry 101. The aluminum chlorohydrate and the massive amount of chlorine in the water formed carcinogenic disinfection byproducts known as trihalomethanes. Due to public outcry, Sacramento ended its experiment about a year ago, but the damage has already been done: Levels of trihalomethanes in Sacramento’s water remain dangerously high.

Sacramento also plagued by Chromium-6: The Erin Brockovich chemical

Trihalomethanes aren’t the only carcinogen threatening the health and safety of Sacramento residents: The north part of the city is also being exposed to Chromium-6 which is leeching from McClellan Air Force base. As late as June of 2015, The Sacramento Bee reported that water from 6 of the 11 wells used to draw water for the Rio Linda-Elverta water district were found to have Chromium 6 contamination that is well above the EPA’s safe limit for Chromium 6. Currently, nothing is being done about the Chromium 6 contamination.

Drinking water poisoned with lead in Flint Michigan

The problems for Flint began when Governor Rick Snyder disenfranchised the city management of Flint, and replaced it with an appointed “emergency” manager named Darnell Earley. The manager decided to save money in April of 2014 by switching Flint’s water supply from the Flint river, instead of using the Detroit city water system. The problem is, the Flint river is very salty, and that salt immediately began corroding the pipes in Flint’s antiquated municipal water system. Those corroded pipes released massive amounts of lead into the city water supply.

The problems were noticeable right away; the water started smelling like rotten eggs. Children and others exposed to the water began developing rashes and falling sick. Still, the city’s emergency manager insisted that there was nothing wrong with the water. In fact, the city responded to residents complaints by substantially raising the amount of chlorine in the water. This made the problem even worse by forming additional carcinogenic disinfection byproducts. Tests of Flint drinking water done about 30 days after the switch, in May of 2014 showed that the water contained 900 times the permissible level of lead.

EPA Investigation has begun

Many sources are reporting that Governor Rick Snyder was fully aware of the test results from May of 2014, but still chose to do nothing. In fact, as late as February 2015, officials from Governor Snyder’s administration insisted that there was nothing wrong with Flint’s water. Flint’s water supply was recently switched back to the City of Detroit’s water supply, but as of Jan, 2016, the contamination in the city’s water infrastructure is so severe, the water’s still not safe to drink. The EPA recently announced that it has begun an investigation to find out why Governor Snyder and his emergency manager decided to wait almost a year after finding out that Flint’s water was poisoned before taking action.

Is your city’s water poisonous?

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) nationwide testing has found that 6.5 million americans are being exposed to a dangerous chemical compound in their water that is used to make Teflon. Oil spills earlier this year fouled water for thousands of residents in Montana. Studies have shown that fracking operations are contaminating water supplies all across the nation. Coal mining creates some of the worst water pollution. According to the EPA, 72% of all toxic water problems come from coal-fired power plants. The use of coal pollutes drinking water all across the south with toxic metals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead, and more.

Help is not on the way

Despite increasing water quality problems across the country, help is not on the way. Many cities continue to try and cut costs by neglecting water infrastructure, or by experimenting with cheap “substitute” chemicals. Chances are very high that your water supply is contaminated by one or more toxins that your city isn’t telling you about. Your only defense is to filter your water yourself. If you are concerned about your water quality, it’s best to have it tested, don’t take your local water utility’s word that it’s safe!

Filtration solutions that protect you and your family

Your best bet is to install a whole home water filtration system such as LIFE’s Dolphin Whole Home Filtration System. Water softeners do not filter out toxins, so if you have a water softener system, it’s not protecting your from toxic chemicals. The Dolphin system is the ideal whole home filtration solution because it uses ion-trapping technology to bind pollutants in water so they can’t enter your home. Ion-trapping is effective against a wider spectrum of toxins than conventional filtration such as activated carbon. Because of this, the Dolphin system is your best bet for protecting yourself and your family from unknown toxins that your city may be poisoning your water supply with.

Detoxification with alkaline water

If you live in an area such as Flint, Sacramento, or other areas where the water has been poisoned with heavy metals, alkaline water may be able to help you detoxify your body from them. Research has shown that alkaline water could detox your body of 10 different heavy metals. It also may help prevent your body from absorbing toxins. The pH of the water you drink determines what your body absorbs from it. Research from Sweden shows that women who drank alkaline well water absorbed nutrients like calcium and magnesium. Women who drank acidic well water absorbed toxins like mercury. The findings from the Swedish research were so definitive that researchers in the study concluded “alkaline water may protect against the toxic effects of mercury”.


Worried about what’s in your water? Call us at 855 790-8121 for a free, no obligation water quality consultation




Abraham, Guy, and Jorge Flebas. “The effect of daily consumption of 2 liters of

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Rosborg, I, B Nihlgard, and L Gerhardsson. “Hair element concentrations in females in

one acid and one alkaline area in southern Sweden.” PubMed NCBI. Ambio, n.d. Web. 3 Jul 2013. <http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14703901>.


Will a water ionizer work with my water?

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Water ionizers need calcium and magnesium in water to work. Water ionizers work best with hard water as long as the water isn’t too hard. If it is, then the hardness will need to be reduced. Water ionizers are actually more prone to hard water deposits because an ionizer changes the mineral carbonates in tap water into mineral hydroxides. Those mineral hydroxides are what makes the water alkaline, but they are more hydrophobic than mineral carbonates, which means they settle out of water more readily than mineral carbonates. Thankfully, LIFE Ionizers uses our advanced Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (RADC) technology to reduce and control mineral hydroxide deposits.

Your water must have enough minerals in it to work in a water ionizer

The  minimum hardness needed for a water ionizer to work is 50 mg/L. For your health, you also need to make sure your water ionizer is equipped with the right filters for the toxins in your water supply. Water filtered by Reverse Osmosis (RO) or distillation must be remineralized to work with a water ionizer. RO and distilled water lacks minerals, so it doesn’t meet the 50 mg/L hardness requirement.

Hard water guide: Will an ionizer work with your water?

Soft Water Areas – 0 to 60 mg/L The ionizer needs to work harder in soft water areas to bring the pH level up. The best ionizers for this have a lot of power. In some cases, water can be too soft for ionization. In that case, a re-mineralizing cartridge is used to add minerals to the water. With the addition of a Remineralizing cartridge water hardness can be increased to any desired amount.

Medium-Hardness Water Areas – 60 to 120 mg/L This type of water usually works well with a water ionizer. All you will need is a pre-filter designed for toxins found in your water supply. When you buy a LIFE Ionizer, we check your local water quality report to find those toxins. We give you the pre-filter you need free.

Hard Water Areas – 120 to 180 mg/L  Water ionizers with advanced self-cleaning systems such as LIFE Ionizers work fine with moderately hard water. But older ionizers such as the Kangen Water machine that don’t have advanced cleaning technology may not work, and you may void the warranty on the Kangen machine if you use it with hard water.

Very Hard Water Areas –  180 or higher In very hard water areas, such as Arizona or Vegas, or in the case of very hard well-water, you have to reduce the hardness of your water. There are pre-filters that reduce water hardness, but in some cases, reverse osmosis filtration is the only way to go. Reverse osmosis removes all of the minerals from water (making it nearly pure) so you have to use a remineralizing cartridge to prepare the water for ionization.

If you use a water softener, you should bypass it when providing water for your ionizer. Water softeners exchange the calcium and magnesium in tap water for sodium. For good health, you want calcium and magnesium in the water you drink. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends you get 10 – 20% of your daily needs for calcium and magnesium from the water you drink.

Does your water have enough calcium and magnesium for good health?

Adults should get about 1,000 mg of calcium per day, and about 250 mg of magnesium per day. To get the WHO-recommended 10 – 20% of that amount in your drinking water, you will need to get between 100 – 200 mg of calcium, and 25 – 50 mg of magnesium per day.

The amount of minerals in your water are measured as milligrams per liter (mg/L). If you drink two liters of water per day, your water should have between 50 – 100 mg/L calcium, and 12 – 25 mg/L magnesium, for you to get the 10 – 20% WHO-recommended amounts. LIFE Ionizers can add minerals to your water if it is deficient.

Find out if your water has enough minerals for good health with a free water quality report

How to make sure you have the right filters for your water quality

If your water has enough minerals in it for good health, you still need to make sure you have the right filtration for your local water quality. If you choose LIFE Ionizers, we will evaluate your local water quality and determine which kind of filter(s) you need. Those filters will be included free with your new LIFE Ionizer.

Other brands don’t provide LIFE’s water quality analysis service, so you’d have to figure out the filters for yourself. If you have heavy metals or salt in your water, you should avoid the Kangen Water machine – it does not filter heavy metals or salts in your water. For the best in water ionizer filtration, get a LIFE, we take the guess work out of water ionizer filtration and make sure it works with your water.


Need help figuring out if your water will work with a water ionizer? Call us today at 855-790-8121 and we will help you find out.


What toxins do water ionizers filter out?

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Most water ionizers use granular activated carbon (GAC) filters which reduce levels of chlorine, heavy metals, and even Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicide. The notable exception is the Kangen Water machine, it’s single filter does not filter out heavy metals or glyphosate. LIFE water ionizers come with far more extensive filtration than all other brands of water ionizer. Every new LIFE Ionizer comes with a 3 filter customized filtration system that is configured by our technicians to filter the toxins found in your water.

LIFE Ionizers is ranked #1 for water ionizer filtration

All Water Ionizer Filters are NOT created Equal

There are many thousands substances that can contaminate your drinking water. No one-size-fits all filter stands a chance at protecting you from them. That’s why most water ionizers come with multiple internal filters. Using two filters instead of just one enables an ionizer to effectively filter a wider range of contaminants than you could with just one filter – but it’s still not enough.

Everybody’s water is different. If you live in a major city, you’re likely going to have completely different water quality problems than somebody who lives in the country. to protect yourself, you need your ionizer to be equipped with the right filters for your local water quality.

LIFE Ionizers is the only water ionizer that equips every new water ionizer we sell with the right filters for our customer’s water quality. LIFE Ionizers takes the time to find out what exact contaminants are in your water by obtaining and analyzing a copy of your local Federal water quality report. The report is filed annually by your local water utility with the EPA. It lists all of the contaminants that were found in your water over the course of a year. LIFE has the largest inventory of water filters in the water ionizer industry, so we have the right filters for your water in stock. The filters you need for your water quality are included free with your new LIFE Ionizer.

Major Brand Water Ionizer Filtration Compared

LIFE Ionizers – Come with three or more filters, depending on your local water quality. LIFE machines have dual internal filters with our patent-pending Vitamin C Ceramic Block – laboratory-grade filtration effective against chloramines and chlorine. The internal filters also use carbon filtration that is effective against:

  • Heavy metals
  • Herbicides and Pesticides including Monsanto’s glyphosate-based Roundup
  • Chlorine and chloramines
  • VOC’s
  • Arsenic

External filters – free with every new LIFE Ionizer:

  • Custom configured based on your water quality
  • Targets any toxins not covered by the internal filters
  • Fluoride-eliminating Super Filter available (LIFE Ionizers exclusive technology)
  • Can be customized to work with hard water

Optional UV Light Filtration

  • LIFE Ionizers exclusive technology – None of our competitors has it!
  • Highly recommended for well water users
  • Targets bacteria, viruses, mold, and cysts

LIFE Ionizers Exclusive Filtration

LIFE Ionizers is rated #1 for water filtration in the water ionizer industry because LIFE has exclusive filtration system services and technologies that competing brands don’t offer:

  • Water Quality Research: LIFE is the only company that researches your local water quality – we find out what toxins are in your water so you don’t have to
  • Free Filtration Customization: We do more than find out what toxins are in your water – we give you the filters to address them – free.
  • UV Light Disinfection: Optional technology that addresses viruses, bacteria, mold, and cysts in water
  • Vitamin C Ceramic Block (patent-pending): Laboratory-grade chlorine and chloramine removal filtration

LIFE Ionizers is the only water ionizer company that has these technologies, and the only company that cares enough to find out what’s in your water. No other water ionizer company researches your water quality. No other company customizes your filtration system. They give you one-size-fits-all filtration, and you have to hope for the best.

Alkaviva – Come with two internal filters, but filtration system isn’t customized, so it doesn’t cover all of the toxins in your water. Instead, alkaviva offers some limited options, such as an anti-fluoride filter instead of their standard sediment filter. Their standard filter system comes with their ultra-filter, which is listed to reduce levels of:

  • Chlorine/chloramines
  • Metals
  • VOC’s
  • Other chemicals which aren’t listed


Alkaviva not set up for hard water: Hard water usage may void your warranty.

Warning: Alkaviva is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with Alkaway, another water ionizer company. Customers of both companies have had difficulty obtaining replacement filters and getting service for their ionizers. You should avoid both brands until their legal dispute is settled, because one of those companies is probably going out of business.

Enagic Kangen Water Ionizers

The Enagic Kangen Water machine is the most expensive water ionizer on the market, and it has one of the worst filtration systems. The Kangen Water machine has only one filter, and that filter doesn’t remove heavy metals or salt in your water. It’s only good for reducing the taste and odor of chlorine – nothing else.

You can add an external filter to the Kangen machine to address the thousands of toxins that it doesn’t protect you from – but that external filter is very expensive. Unlike LIFE Ionizers, Enagic doesn’t research your water quality – they don’t care whether you have the right filters for your machine or not. Once you buy a Kangen machine, you’re on your own.

Enagic Kangen Filtration Facts

  • Single filter system
  • Does not filter heavy metals or salt
  • Does not do water quality research – you’re on your own
  • Does not work with hard water
  • Sulfite Warning: Persons sensitive to sulfites should avoid Kangen water
  • Additional filtration only available at substantial additional cost


Sulfate warning: The Kangen filter contains calcium sulfate. If you are sensitive to sulfates, you should avoid drinking Kangen water.

Enagic/Kangen not set up for hard water: Hard water usage may void your warranty.


Chanson ionizers only come with one small internal filter, and it’s only rated to reduce the taste and odor of chlorine, some metals, and little else. The filter is too small to be effective – even Chanson admits this! If you have any contaminants in your water – at all – Chanson recommends you buy a prefilter system (about $200 extra) because the filter that the ionizer comes with will not protect you!

Chanson Filtration Facts

  • Single filter system
  • Only rated to reduce the taste and odor of chlorine
  • You must purchase a pre-filter system if you have any toxins in your water
  • Does not do water quality research – you’re on your own
  • Filter is too small to be effective


Chanson not set up for hard water: Hard water usage may void your warranty.


Has dual internal filters, one addresses chlorine, some heavy metals, and VOCs. The other filters addresses chloramines. LIFE Ionizers and KYK are the only major brands that filter chlorine and chloramines

KYK filter facts

  • Addresses chlorine and chloramines, VOC’s and some metals
  • Does not do water quality research – you’re on your own
  • You must purchase a pre-filter system for other toxins in your water

KYK not set up for hard water: Hard water usage may void your warranty.

KYK comes in second to LIFE Ionizers in most water ionizer filtration comparisons. They are the only company other than LIFE to address chloramines. It is still recommended to purchase a pre-filter system with KYK units. KYK does not customize your filtration, or research your water quality. Like the other ionizer companies, you’re on your own.

LIFE Ionizers has the best water ionizer filtration of all major brands

The five brands reviewed in this article: LIFE Ionizers, Alkaviva, Enagic, Chanson, and KYK are the top five brands of water ionizer sold. Of these five brands, LIFE Ionizers is the only brand that comes with:

Filtration benefits you can only get from LIFE Ionizers

  • Free water quality research – We will find out what toxins are in your water
  • Free customized filtration – LIFE gives you the filters you need – free
  • Vitamin C Ceramic Block – The only filtration that is effective against chlorine and chloramines
  • UV Light Disinfection –  Optional technology that can address bacteria, viruses, mold, and cysts.

These filtration benefits are the reason that LIFE Ionizers is the best brand of water ionizer for water filtration. LIFE is the only ionizer company that researches your water quality – the other companies don’t. LIFE is also the only company that gives you the right filters for your water quality free. The other companies require that you pay extra to get the filters you need for your water quality. If water purity is important to you – and it should be – LIFE Ionizers is the best brand of water ionizer on the market today

LIFE Ionizers can be configured for use with hard water. OK to use your LIFE Ionizer with hard water. We will evaluate your local water quality report to determine what filtration you need

Want to find out what toxins are in your water? Call us at 844 505-3210 for a free, no obligation water quality consultation.

US to lower the amount of Fluoride in Water

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Four years after proposing to lower the maximum allowed amount of fluoride in the nation’s water supply, the government is finally taking action: The maximum allowed level of fluoride in water will be reduced to 0.7 parts per million. The change comes in response to the FDA discovering that fluoride in drinking water was contributing to a condition called dental fluorosis: Spotting of the teeth that can eventually lead to brittle teeth.

Is .07 parts per million of fluoride too much? Research from the UK says yes

Why 0.7 Parts per Million Fluoride in drinking water may still be too much

A recent study published in the UK linked fluoride levels in excess of 0.03 parts per million to doubling the risk for hypothyroidism – impaired functioning of the thyroid. The newly released standard of 0.7 parts per million is over 23 times higher than the amount linked to hypothyroidism in the study!

Adults don’t need fluoride in their drinking water. There is no benefit to adults from fluoridated water – 4.3% of the US population has subclinical hypothyroidism min which fluoride may be a factor.  Women are more susceptible than men are to hypothyroidism, but the numbers of cases for both genders are troublingly high. Fluoridated water potentially represents an unnecessary threat to adult health.

The link between hypothyroidism and fluoride: Excessive levels of fluoride in the body can result in iodine deficiency, which is strongly linked to hypothyroidism. Most of the salt consumed in America contains added iodine, so Americans get enough iodine in their diet. There shouldn’t be a problem, but there is, and excessive levels of fluoride in water may be the culprit. If so, then the new 0.7 parts per million standard for fluoride in water is still way too high!

Filters for Fluoride reduction in drinking water

There are three different types of filters that will reduce or remove fluoride in your water:

  • LIFE Super Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Activated Alumina


LIFE’s anti-Fluoride Super Filter removed fluoride from water in independent lab testing. ETR independent labs tested the Super Filter against water with 4 parts per million – nearly 5 times higher than the new 0.7 parts per million limit. The Super Filter eliminated all of the fluoride in the water.

Reverse Osmosis will also eliminate fluoride from water, but it has a couple of shortcomings:

  • Limited – RO systems only produce limited amounts of water at a time
  • Most costly option – RO is the most expensive of these three options

Activated Alumina – Reduces, but does not eliminate fluoride in water.

Want to detox from fluoride? Raise your pH Balance

Once you filter the fluoride out of your water, you may also want to filter it out of your body! The most efficient filter in the body for fluoride (or any toxin) is your kidneys. All you need to do is provide your kidneys with the optimum urine pH level, and they will do the rest.

The ideal urine pH for fluoride detox is 7.6. At that level, your kidneys will discharge about 65% of the fluoride in your bloodstream. At a pH of 5.5, your kidneys will only discharge about 5% of the fluoride in your bloodstream. You can alkalize your urine by eating alkaline-forming foods, or by drinking alkaline water. Your best bet is to eat alkaline foods for your meals, and drink alkaline water between meals.


Want to know how alkalizing can help you take your health back? Call us at 855 419-2840 for a free, no-obligation consultation.




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Best Alkaline Ionizer Water Filter for Fluoride Removal

Fluoride removal requires a specific filter designed for fluoride, and very few alkaline  ionizers have it. LIFE Ionizers has the Super Filter™ A100F that specializes in  fluoride reduction which is added to the ionizers prefilter system. In independent lab testing, LIFE’s Super Filter™  was able to reduce fluoride from the EPA maximum allowed level of fluoride in tap water to below detectable levels. Other alkaline ionizers – if they offer fluoride filtration – rely on an activated alumina filter, which is not as effective as LIFE’s Super Filter™.

alkaline ionizer fluoride filtration infographic
Don’t let fluoride contaminate your alkaline ionizer – always use an anti-fluoride prefilter

Why the level of fluoride in your water may be unsafe

The EPA limits the amount of fluoride in water to 4 milligrams per liter, but that much fluoride in your water may cause dental fluorosis – spotting and discoloration of the teeth – in children. The FDA has issued an advisory that fluoride in water should be reduced to 1 milligram per liter or less, but that is only an advisory, not all municipal water authorities are following it.

Adults don’t receive any benefit from fluoride at all, and some may suffer long term health effects from exposure to it. For that reason, you may wish to eliminate fluoride from your water entirely.

According to a 2006 study by the US National Research Council. Fluoride in drinking water at or below the EPA recommended maximum of 4 milligrams per liter can cause:

  • Dental Fluorosis – Spotting and discoloration of teeth

  • Stage 1, 2 & 3 Skeletal Fluorosis – Arthritis pain in joints, brittle bones, increased risk of fractures

  • Endocrine effects –  decreased thyroid function, impaired glucose tolerance , earlier sexual maturity

  • Neurotoxicity – Brain damage, lower IQ, Alzheimer’s symptoms

Prefilter system needed to filter fluoride

The internal filters in an alkaline ionizer are designed to filter chlorine, and sometimes chloramines. It is critical that both chemicals are eliminated from your water because chlorine and chloramines make alkaline water unhealthy. A water ionizer’s internal filters must concentrate on chlorine, so for fluoride filtration, a prefilter must be added to the water ionizer.

A prefilter system connects to the water supply going to the alkaline ionizer. LIFE Ionizers provides a prefilter system free with the purchase of any new alkaline ionizer. If you want the fluoride Super Filter™, just ask and it will be included free with your ionizer’s prefilter system.

LIFE Fluoride Super Filter™ vs. Activated Alumina Filters

If you want to filter fluoride in your water, you have two choices: LIFE’s Fluoride Super Filter™, or an activated alumina filter. ETR Independent Labs – an EPA certified water testing lab – compared LIFE’s Super Filter™ to an activated alumina filter. For this test, ETR put the maximum EPA recommended amount of fluoride in the water, which is 4 milligrams per liter:

ETR Independent Labs – Water Filter Fluoride Removal – Test Results


Source water fluoride (mg/L)

Remaining fluoride after filtering (mg/L)

LIFE Super Filter™ A100F


Not Detected

Activated Alumina



 LIFE’s Super Filter™ was so effective against fluoride that ETR labs couldn’t find any fluoride in the water after filtering it with the Super Filter™. The activated alumina filter left 5% of the fluoride,  – 0.20 milligrams per liter of fluoride in the water.

Fluoride Super Filter™ can be installed on any water filtration system

LIFE’s fluoride Super Filter™ fits in standard 10” filter housings, so it can be added to any filtration system, except for whole home systems. For whole home filtration, LIFE offers the Dolphin Whole Home fluoride filtration system. The Super Filter™ and the Dolphin Whole Home filter use the same technology: Charged Modified Composite Blend (CMCB) uses charged particles to electromagnetically attract and hold contaminants like fluoride. CMCB is the most advanced filtration technology available.

What’s in your water? Call us today at 855 790-8121 for a free water quality consultation.






COUNCIL REPORT: FLUORIDE IN DRINKING WATER.” . US National Research Council, n.d. Web. 11 Apr 2014. <http://media.khi.org/news/documents/2012/07/23/FJ2006_v39_n3_p163-172.pdf>.