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Alkaline Water: Good Health or Junk Science?

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There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about alkaline water, and it’s easy to see why. The correct name for alkaline

Alkaline water: Good health – and the studies to back it up

water is “Electrolyzed Reduced Water” in chemistry, there is no such thing as alkaline or kangen water. Both of these are simply marketing terms. That’s why if you do a Google Scholar search for alkaline water studies, you won’t find any. To find the studies that have been done, you have to search for Electrolyzed Reduced Water.

An article online called Alkaline Water: Good Health or Junk Science by Jan Roberts claims that alkaline ionized water can’t have any effect on the body because it’s neutralized by stomach acid. But later in the article, Roberts warns that if you drink alkaline water, it will interfere with your digestive enzymes. I found that mighty confusing, you can’t have it both ways: If it did nothing, then there’s no way it could interfere with your digestive enzymes.

I tried to reach out to Roberts to ask about this contradiction, but strangely enough, the company she wrote the article for says that no such person works there.

Can alkaline water help fight disease, combat acidity, enhance longevity and even cure cancer?

Alkaline ionized water promotes general wellness, it’s not a drug. You drink it to enhance your health. Research shows that drinking it can raise blood and urine pH when they are low. It can fight acidity, and that drinking alkaline water brings gradual relief of digestive upset caused by acidity, it also brings gradual relief of the symptoms of Gastrointestinal Reflux.

Do the health claims being made for this new ‘wonder-water’ stand-up to scientific scrutiny?

Alkaline water isn’t a “new wonder water”. Springs like Noredneau in Germany have been prized for centuries for their health-restorative properties. Water ionizers simply turn tap water into the same kind of water you get from springs like Nordeneau.

There are over 40 studies that document health benefits from drinking alkaline water. It helps with digestive upset, bone health, athletic performance, and many other conditions

More importantly, is there any evidence that some forms of ‘alkaline water’ might even be harmful?

No. Alkaline water is generally recognized as safe by health experts. In fact, there is only one “form” of alkaline water, because all alkaline water gets its alkalinity from the same place – calcium and magnesium. No negative health effects have ever been reported in humans from drinking alkaline ionized water in the over 200 years of documented medical history that it has been consumed.

How water ionizers work

Ionizers use a process called electrodialysis to separate the ions in water into alkaline and acidic fractions, each are discharged separately. It’s important to note that the dissolved mineral ions in alkaline water are naturally present. Water ionizers can’t alter them in any way. Because of this, the water from a water ionizer is exactly the same as antioxidant natural spring water – good for your health, and 100% natural.

Is there medical evidence to support the health claims made for alkaline water?

Yes, there are over 40 studies that support the health benefits of alkaline ionized water.

Why did Dr. Weil say alkaline water claim there’s no scientific evidence?

Dr. Weil was specifically referring to implausible health claims made by Enagic Kangen about cancer. He’s right, the Enagic claims are bunk. Dr. Weil failed to discuss the actual health studies done on alkaline water because he doesn’t even realise they exist! Scientists call alkaline water “electrolyzed reduced water” to find the medical studies on it, that is what you must search for. Dr. Weil searched for “alkaline water studies” so he missed all of the available research. See for yourself:

Scholar search results: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&q=%22electrolyzed+reduced+water%22&btnG=&as_sdt=1%2C5&as_sdtp=

Alkaline water warning?

The rat studies referred to in the article have never been reproduced. They are considered to be outliers which are not supported by the medical facts.

Digestion interrupted?

Earlier in the article, the author states:

“our stomach contains hydrochloric acid with a pH of around 3 to 4.  If we drink water with a pH 8.5 or 9 it is immediately neutralised by our gastric acids and loses its ability to alkalise our body as soon it enters the highly acidic stomach environment.”

At the end of the article the author states:

“We noted before that weakly buffered ‘alkaline water’ (even at pH 11) is immediately neutralised by the stomach acids. However, it does have an effect on our digestive system.

Every time you drink artificially high pH ‘ionized’ water your stomach produces more acid to compensate for the dilution of acid in the stomach.”

Which is it? Is alkaline water destroyed by the acidic stomach? Or does it have an effect? The fact is – you are not supposed to drink alkaline water with meals – because it does have an effect.

The article closes with a “theory” (unsupported by evidence) that drinking alkaline water disrupts enzyme production. Alkaline ionized water from water ionizers has been in use since the 1950’s. How come we have never heard of a single case of any negative effects. In our lawsuit happy society, any harm from a defective product quickly results in a lawsuit! Nobody has ever sued an alkaline water company for harm. There is no evidence that alkaline water interferes with any enzymes.

Kangen vs other Ionizers: Is there any difference?

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The Kangen Water® machine costs about twice as much as other ionizers. According to the Enagic Multi-Level Marketers

Kangen isn’t water, it’s a trademark name

that sell it, the high price of the machine is justified by the amount of platinum on its plates, and the seemingly magical

properties they ascribe to Kangen Water®. But there is actually no such thing as “Kangen®” water, that’s merely a trademark name owned by Enagic®. That’s why we have to put the “®” symbol after it.  So is there really any difference between Kangen® vs. other ionizers? We did the math, here’s what we found:

Is there more platinum on the Kangen Machines® plates?

To find out, you have to do some math. The Kangen machine® has seven large plates. Each plate measures 2.875 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep. That gives you a surface area of 15.65 inches per side, for a total of 31.3 square inches per plate, because both sides of the plate are coated with platinum. Multiply that times seven, and you get a total of 219.1 square inches of plate surface area that Kangen® covers with a .20 micron coating of platinum.

The LIFE Ionizer M-9 has plates that measure 2.375 inches by 5.5 inches. That gives you a surface area of 13.06 inches, for a total of 26.125 square inches per plate that LIFE Ionizers coats with .20 microns of platinum – the same thickness as Enagic®. But the M-9 has nine plates, versus Kangen’s® seven. That means that the M-9 has a total of 235.125 square inches of platinum coating on its plates, 16.025 square inches more platinum than the Kangen machine®. So according to Kangen®, these machines should cost about the same – they don’t. The LIFE M-9 is just $2,597 – That’s $1383 less than the Kangen machine®!

Kangen Myth BUSTED: The high price of the Kangen Water® machine isn’t due to the amount of platinum used to coat it’s plates. The LIFE M-9 has more platinum on its plates, and it costs $1383 less.

The LIFE Ionizer M-13’s plates are the same size as the M-9’s. It has a total plate surface area of 339.625 square inches of plate surface area coated with the same .20 micron thickness of platinum. That’s over 100 square inches more platinum than the Kangen machine®, and it still costs less than the Kangen machine®. The M-13 is just $3,497, which is $483 less than the Kangen machine®. What about performance? The M-13 blows the Kangen machine® away. It gives you the highest possible antioxidant potential at water pH levels that are perfect for daily drinking – guaranteed!

Is Kangen Water® different from ionized alkaline water?

All water ionizers make alkaline water the same way: They use charges plates separated by a membrane to split tap water into alkaline and acidic water. All water ionizers use titanium plates that are coated with platinum. All water ionizers use the same type of ion permeable membrane. So as much as Kangen sales people would like you to believe that their trademark Kangen Water® is different than ionized alkaline water – it isn’t. It’s made the exact same way. In fact, the water made by the Kangen machine is actually pretty weak because the machine only has 235 watts. For its $3980 asking price, the Kangen machine is actually one of the weakest ionizers on the market.

Bottom line: All water ionizers make ionized alkaline water using the same method.  The Kangen machine is actually one of the weakest ionizers on the market. There is nothing different or better about Kangen Water®, in fact it’s not as good as the water you can get from competing ionizers.

Is Kangen Water® cleaner than ionized alkaline water?

Due to shortcomings in the design of the Kangen machine, the water made by Kangen machines may actually be less healthy than the water made by more modern ionizers. The Kangen machine uses an antiquated single filter design that doesn’t remove heavy metals or salt if they are present in your water. This means that if you drink Kangen Water®, you may actually be exposed to toxins that other water ionizers would protect you from. Other brands of water ionizer use two or more filters, out of recognition of the need to protect you from the wide range of toxins that may be present in your tap water.

LIFE Ionizers does protect you from those and other toxins, here’s how: Every new LIFE Ionizer comes with a free custom filtration system that’s configured to protect you from the toxins found in your local water supply. This is a LIFE Ionizers exclusive service, no other brand does this to protect your health.

But aren’t there studies that say Kangen Water® is better?

No. In fact, this may surprise you: There are no studies that have ever done on Kangen Water®. There are two reasons for this that should now be obvious:

  • There is no such thing as “Kangen” water. It’s a brand name, not a type of water
  • “Kangen®” water is no different than any other ionized alkaline water


There are over 40 studies on ionized alkaline water, but they use the scientific name for it which is Electrolyzed Reduced Water. If you search that term on Google, you’ll find lots of studies. Search for Kangen Water®, you’ll find none. Any scientist can tell you why: Kangen® is merely a brand name, so there’s no reason to study it.


Need to know more about “Kangen®” water? Call us at 855 790-8121 for a free no obligation consultation that can save you a lot of money

The Alkaline Myth EXPOSED

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Would you trust a doctor who told you to “forget about focussing (sic) on calories, carbs, protein and pH levels, and start focussing (sic) on eating and living right”?

Marcus Rothkranz isn’t a doctor, he seems to have no medical background at all.

Probably not. Would you trust some guy on YouTube who gave you the above advice? If you value your health, definitely not! But amazingly, lots of people do fall for The Alkaline Myth, a scam being spread by Marcus Rothkranz who publishes videos with questionable “health” advice on YouTube. Since he doesn’t think you should focus on protein, what does Marcus suggest you eat instead of protein? Why, his Wild Force Super Plant Protein mix, of course! An ad for it appears on the very same page where he advises you not to focus on protein.

Who is Marcus Rothkranz?

That’s a very good question, because nobody seems to ever heard of him. Marcus has no medical background whatsoever, but that doesn’t stop him from dispensing questionable medical advice.

In a video introducing an Orwellian sounding concept called “Epigenetic Birth Control” Marcus claimed that women who “went completely, 100% (sic) raw and cleansed their bodies as clean as they could be, as nature intended, stopped having periods!” Exciting news! But it’s just not true. Marcus claims that his epigenetic birth control will prevent: Periods, PMS, Cramps, Fibroids, pain, low energy depression and is an effective form of birth control. He “discovered” all this without a single medical study.

The actual science of epigenetics has nothing to do with reproductive health or birth control. Epigenetics is the study of the effect of non-hereditary factors, such as environmental toxins, on our DNA. Marcus appears to have malappropriated the word so that he could sell his snake oil program with it. Any woman who takes Marcus’ advice about epigenetics is endangering her health, and would likely end up pregnant.

Marcus’ dangerous advice about alkaline water

Alkaline water and stomach acid: Marcus is concerned that “alkaline water neutralizes stomach acid” But clinical testing shows that he’s wrong: Drinking alkaline water may raise the pH of the stomach by a pH of about .5 to one for about a half hour. Stomach acid has a pH of about 2, to neutralize it, you’d have to raise the pH of the stomach to 7. Alkaline water is nowhere near powerful enough to neutralize stomach acid, besides, you’re supposed to drink it on an empty stomach. Remember, there is no acid in an empty stomach.

False equivalence: Marcus warns of an opportunistic infection by a bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori (H Pylori) which he compares to alkaline water because H. Pylori generates an ammonia compound to neutralize stomach acid. The problem is, Ammonia alkalis are strongly bonded alkalis, they are powerful enough to neutralize stomach acid. The alkaline hydroxide minerals in alkaline water are weakly bonded alkalis, no where near powerful enough to neutralize stomach acid. This has been confirmed in clinical testing done in Japan.

Does pH matter or doesn’t it? After warning people not to drink alkaline water because he thinks it can cause health problems, Marcus advises you to forget about pH, because he says it doesn’t matter! So on one hand, Marcus advises you to avoid alkaline water because it will affect your pH, but on the other hand he says don’t bother with it because it can’t affect your pH.

The pH water machine’s “place”

Marcus does think water ionizers have a “place” but even here he’s wrong. He states that the ionized acidic water from a water ionizer is used for disinfection. He’s wrong, dangerously wrong. Ionized acidic water is good for cleaning surfaces, but it’s not a disinfectant. He suggests that it’s useful for disinfecting vegetables – wrong again. He also claims it’s useful for washing clothes – untrue. What has Marcus confused is that there are batch water ionizers that make chlorinated ionized water for disinfection. These machines use salt, and liberate the chloride ion from salt to make hypochlorous compounds. Those hypochlorous compounds are powerful disinfectants, but drinking water ionizers do not make them. Do not heed Marcus’ advice about ionized acidic water, you could expose yourself to a harmful infection.

Get medical advice from doctors, not YouTube quacks

Quacks like Marcus Rothkranz and Joseph Mercola are the worst kind of scammers. They are giving people medical advice for profit that endangers the lives of anyone who follows it. Women who heed Marcus’s advice on epigenetics may end up putting off necessary medical treatment for serious diseases, and they very easily could end up with an unwanted pregnancy. Men, thankfully Marcus has a lot less advice for, according to his article he considers men to be “filthy”. Don’t risk your life by listening to a quack: Insist on seeing medical studies any time someone – including me – makes a health claim. You can see the studies I based my statement about the effect of alkaline water on stomach acid in the references section below this article.  If you are concerned that you may have a health condition, go see your doctor. And remember, You Tube health gurus like Marcus aren’t doing this out of the kindness of their hearts, they have something to sell you.


There are over 40 studies on the health benefits of alkaline water. To find out if alkaline water has been studied for your health condition, call us at 855 790-8121




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Alkaline Water According to Dr Mercola

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Back in May of 2010, Dr. Mercola published an article where he states that you should be drinking “living” water. He describes living water as water that is “structured in a way that is not well understood.” In that same article from 2010 he said “hopes to have more information about ‘structured’ water in the future”. Today it’s august 26th, 2015, more than five years later, and Dr. Mercola hasn’t provided any further information about ‘structured’ water – nor will he ever – because there is no such thing as structured water.

Dr. Mercola: America’s most popular snake oil salesman

Reality check: Dr. Mercola makes many claims about alkaline water in his article, none of which are backed by science.

Living water and other pseudoscientific nonsense

Living Water The concept of “living” water was started by Japanese author Dr. Masaru Emoto, who claimed to have found crystal-like formations within liquid water. He claimed that you could influence those crystalline shapes by your thoughts and words.  There is one small problem: Nobody has ever been able to reproduce Dr. Emoto’s water crystals, because in liquid form water does not crystallize.

Biophotonics Dr. Mercola goes on to praise ‘living’ water for it’s biophotonic energy, but the problem is, water doesn’t have any biophotonic energy. Biophotonics is the science of developing and using light and imaging technologies to study biological molecules, cells, and tissues. Scientists use specially designed lasers that can illuminate the insides of cells and organisms, so they can study them. Dr. Mercola claims that biophotons are the “smallest units of light” but that’s simply not true. Biophotons are extremely weak emissions of light that are given off by all living things. To emit biophotons, a thing must be actually alive. Water molecules are not alive, they don’t give off biophotons. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, biophotonics may have future applications in medicine, but there is currently no known use for biophotonics in medicine.

Reality check: Scientists reject Dr. Mercola’s theories about ‘living’ water and biophotonics.

Is the pH of alkaline water too high?

In his article, Dr. Mercola feigns concern over alkaline water’s pH. He suggests that alkaline water is useful for detoxing, but worries that drinking water with a pH of over 8 could be harmful over the long term. The Okinawa Centenarian Project says otherwise. It was a study of the longest-lived people in the world. Centenarians are people who live to be over 100 years old, and Okinawa has more centenarians than anyplace in the world. The pH of the drinking water in Okinawa is 10.

Reality check: The healthiest, longest-lived people in the world – the centenarians of Okinawa –  drink water with a pH of 10 every single day of their lives.

What Dr. Mercola got right (almost)

Dr. Mercola says “the research is clear” that highly (sic) alkaline water has a detrimental effect on plants and animals, and goes on to cite some studies on plants that show that alkaline water isn’t beneficial to plants. He even gives the right reason: Because too high of a pH causes nutrient lockout in plants. What he doesn’t mention is that plants and people have very different needs when it comes to nutrition.

Reality check: The ideal water pH range for plants is more acidic than the ideal pH range of water for people.

Dr. Mercola also states that living in water that is too alkaline can be harmful to fish, which is true. Anyone who has an aquarium knows that maintaining the water’s pH is essential for maintaining healthy fish. What he fails to consider is that people don’t live in water.

Reality check: People and fish are different, so they have different pH needs

Dr. Mercola also discusses alkaline water and it’s potential effects on tumors. He says that the scientific research on it is inconclusive – he’s right. There is not enough scientific evidence to draw conclusions, clinical trials are needed. What Dr. Mercola fails to mention is that there are studies on other health problems such as bone loss that are conclusive.

Reality check: There are over 40 studies that show health benefits from drinking alkaline water.

What 50 years of alkaline water consumption tells us

The Japanese Ministry of Health certified water ionizers as medical devices back in the 1960’s. Since then, people in Japan have been drinking alkaline water made by a water ionizer for health reasons. Currently, one out of every three Japanese homes has a water ionizer! This means that people have been drinking alkaline water made by a water ionizer for about 50 years. In that half of a century, there have been exactly zero reports of ill effects from alkaline water – and countless reports of alkaline water benefiting health.

Reality check: Doctors and people have been reporting that drinking alkaline water has positive health benefits for the last 50 years.

Dr. Mercola needs to leave science to the scientists

Dr. Mercola has made many claims about health publically. Dr. Mercola’s medical advice is dangerous, It has led to the FDA ordering Dr. Mercola to stop giving medical advice. His medical advice is dangerous and his grasp of science seems woefully inadequate. In short, Dr. Mercola needs to leave science to the scientists.


Want to know how alkaline water can improve your health? Call us at 855 790-8121 and get the facts

Why do some people say alkaline water is dangerous?

new page: http://www.ionizer.dreamhosters.com/paul-pages/why-do-some-people-say-alkaline-water-is-dangerous/

Alkaline water from water ionizers has been consumed for health for about 50 years.

Why are these so-called doctors lying about alkaline water?

In that time, there have been exactly zero reports of any harmful effect from drinking alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water may be one of the safest things you can do for your health. But if you search online, you’ll likely find videos or websites that claim alkaline water could be dangerous? Why do they make these claims? If you take a closer look, you’ll usually find that websites that criticize alkaline water are trying to sell you something.

Dr. Mercola: America’s favorite snake oil salesman

“Dr” Joseph Mercola is the source of much of the health misinformation you find on the internet. His medical “advice” can actually endanger your health. In fact, Dr. Mercola has been ordered by the FDA in 2005, 2006 and 2011 to stop giving medical advice. In every case where the FDA had to stop him, Mercola was pushing ineffective and possibly dangerous alternative “cures” that put public health at risk.

His advice about water ionizers and alkaline water is just as worthless as his advice about health supplements and treatments, and just as dangerous. Mercola suggests that the pH of alkaline water is too high, he thinks you should never drink water with a pH of over 8. The problem with that claim is that the people of Okinawa drink alkaline water with a pH of 10, and they are the longest-lived people in the world.

A quick check of Mercola’s website reveals the reason he tries to smear alkaline water. Dr. Mercola sells water treatment devices. Some of the systems he sells are very expensive and none of them offer any of the benefits of alkaline water. Dr. Mercola clearly has something to gain from criticizing alkaline water.

Reality check: The FDA has said that Dr. Mercola’s advice may endanger your health

No-longer-Dr. Lawrence Wilson makes up imaginary diseases

The former Dr. Wilson believes that drinking alkaline water makes you too “yin”, a diagnosis that he admits isn’t recognized by medical science. He also has some very strange medical advice for women that is far too lurid in nature to repeat here! He cautions to be careful, because apparently yin disease can be caused by witchcraft!

Naturally, “Dr” Wilson sells a program that can save you from the clutches of his made-up yin disease. Most conveniently he believes it can be caused by drinking alkaline water. Dr. Wilson’s fringe beliefs caused him to lose his medical license. No-longer-Dr. Wilson found a way around that however: He converted his “clinic” into a church, so now instead of practicing medicine, he practices faith healing.

Reality check: No-longer-a-Dr. Wilson failed at being a doctor.

Who should you trust for medical advice?

Your doctor knows more about your body and its physiology than anybody else on Earth. Over time, your doctor has built up a record of your health, that record contains detailed information about your health. Any competent doctor will tell you that they need that information before making any decisions about medical treatment. If any celebrity doctor tries to tell you what you need to do for better health, ignore them. They don’t know anything about your particular physiology, and your health is much too precious to take chances with.

Reality check: Trust your doctor, they know more about your health than any celebrity doctor

Companies that claim alkaline water is dangerous

If you search alkaline water dangers on the internet, you’ll also find plenty of companies that claim alkaline water is dangerous. But if you read the reasons they give, you’ll see that those reasons look awfully familiar, because they got their information from Dr. Mercola and former Dr. Wilson! Of course, those companies have competing products they want to sell you.

Reality check: If a company lies to you to make their competitors products look bad, what else might they be lying about?

What does the FDA say about alkaline water?

The FDA hasn’t taken an official position on alkaline water, but they have taken an official position on the minerals in alkaline water. The alkaline water made by a water ionizer is rich in calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. Both of these nutrients are listed in the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) database.

Here is what the FDA has to say about calcium and magnesium hydroxide:

  • Calcium hydroxide contributes to the total biologically available dietary calcium
  • Magnesium hydroxide is a dietary essential


Water ionizers are general wellness devices, the alkaline water they make contains mineral hydroxides that the FDA states are safe.

Takeaway:  The FDA says the ingredients in alkaline water are safe, and that they supply essential minerals that you need to get every day for good health.

Water Ionizers: 50 Years of better health

People have been drinking alkaline water from water ionizers for at least the past 50 years. Their success in achieving better health is well documented in the countless testimonials you’ll find here at LIFE Ionizers and on our competitor’s websites. The Japanese and Korean equivalents of the FDA certify water ionizers as medical devices. The FDA itself recognizes the mineral hydroxides in alkaline water for their contribution to nutrition. The facts are crystal clear: Alkaline water made by a water ionizer is safe and it’s good for you.


Need to know if alkaline water can help you? Call us at 855 790-8121 for a free, no obligation alkaline health consultation