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LIFE Ionizer Reviews: 5 Stars on Amazon

Check out these LIFE Ionizer Reviews: 5 Stars on Amazon

Our customers love the taste of the water that their LIFE Ionizer makes. They love how alkaline water by

life ionizers reviews: 5 stars on amazon image
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LIFE makes them feel, and they love our customer service!

5 Stars. That’s what customers on Amazon give the entire line of 2016 LIFE Ionizers M-Series water ionizers. LIFE Ionizers offers machines starting with the 5 plate LIFE M-5, all the way up to the 13 plate LIFE M-13. Whichever LIFE Ionizer you choose, you’re sure to love it, and according to our customers, you’ll love our customer service! Owners rave about how great alkaline water by LIFE tastes, and even more importantly, they love how it makes them feel! If you really want to see what a LIFE Ionizer could do for your health, just browse on over to Amazon, and read about some of the life-changing improvements that satisfied LIFE customers have shared.

LIFE Ionizer M-13

LIFE’s flagship M 13 has 13 plates and can run up to 800 Watts of power. It has a pH range of 1.7 to 12.2 – the widest pH range of any home water ionizer. and it can reach up to -900 ORP antioxidant potential. The M-13 is the most powerful home water ionizer on the market today.

Nice machine, you can’t even tell that you have an ionizer machine installed

By Nestor Y

Nice machine, you can’t even tell that you have a ionizer machine installed is so quiet, water taste good. easy to install , YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY BOTTLED WATER ANYMORE . customer service is A+++++. i will give more review about this machine,

Fantastic option. You will save money and improve your health

By Chad Danowsky

Never buy bottled water again! Fantastic option. You will save money and improve your health. My fiancé looks years younger, her skin glows drinking the water and washing her face with it. People are asking how she looks so young.

the water tastes great. very quiet machine-i’m looking to feel the benefits

By josef lefkowitz

so far,the water tastes great.very quiet machine-im looking to feel the benefits and write a followup on this as i just got this.One note the customer service gentlemen Will was very helpful and answered all my questions.

LIFE Ionizer M-11

THe LIFE M-11 is an 11 plate ionizer that can run up to 800 Watts. It has a pH range of 2.0 – 12.0 and delivers an antioxidant potential of up to  -880 ORP. The M-11 was originally designed for clinical use, but ultimately LIFE decided to offer it to the public due to consumer demand.

and I found out that it took off the majority of bad agri-chemicals inside the vegetable

By Paulo W Satto

Over 500 years ago, a Spanish Explorer named Juan Ponce Del Leon arrives in the US (1513) searching for a FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. Since then the human kind has being dreaming with the Fountain of Youth. I believe the LIFE IONIZER, M-11 it’s the closest equipment of Ponce de Leon dream. I got the equipment and I start to tested it, I put vegetable, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, in a bowl of ionized alkaline water made by Life Ionizer, and I found out that it took off the majority of bad agri-chemicals inside the vegetable. I am impress because a I am an agronomist and always look for health foods. I highly recommend for all people who search for health life to buy the Life Ionizer. I believe it will be the best investment you ever did in your life. Thank you Paulo W Satto

Great Buy!

By Rex Lanspaon

Me and my father have been using this model for about a year. We enjoy the appearance of the machine and the health benefits we get from it. We wish that some studies would appear from Western MDs would come to the forefront and start a western-world discussion about the product.

The appearance is great. Most people that see it ask immediately about it, inquiring as to what it is.

My father suffers from Gout. This is a medical condition that results from having too much Uric acid in one’s body. He and others like him get this from eating too many red meats and other sorts of foods. He and some of his attorney friends say that it helps prevent and cure Gout attacks.

I have noticed that it seems to help cure hangovers, soreness from working out, food cravings, and thirst, and stress from work.

All my guests and our family indicate that the water tastes very good, has a great texture and alleviates thirst better than any other water. I notice I do not have to drink as much water as I have used to to feel good.

It needs to improve though. I noticed that if it is turned on and it is in purified or acidic mode, that the machine will not indicate that it is going through its wash cycle. We are still very satisfied and it does cost less than other types of water filters. I would definitely recommend buying this.

After I got the machine I have been enjoying fresh ionized water every day and I feel great.

By Anthony

I got my Life Ionize M11 in December as an early Christmas present to myself. I had been drinking ionized water from a friend’s machine for a few weeks and knew it was something I needed in my life. After I got the machine I have been enjoying fresh ionized water every day and I feel great. I have all sorts of energy and I feel like my mood is always in that happy place. To top it off, whenever I had questions regarding my machine, I could call in to their support center and I was always given the answers I was looking for.

I did a lot of research before I bought my machine and Life Ionizer seemed like the best and most reputable company out there. Plus, you can’t beat 11 plates at 800 watts with triple filtration and lifetime warrantee, at the price I paid. I truly believe you get the best bang for your buck at Life Ionizer.

LIFE Ionizer M-9

The LIFE M-9 is a nine plate ionizer that can run up to 503 Watts. It has a pH range of 2.0 to 11.5, making it one of the most powerful nine plate ionizers on the planet. It produces up to -830 ORP of antioxidant potential.

Great system!!! Plus 100% satisfaction w this companies customer support!!!

By Jeanine:)

I my Life Ionizer drinking water system. I have noticed such a difference in how I feel since switching to small cluster alkaline water over 7 years ago. I purchased my original system back in 2006 and this company stood 100% behind its 5 year warranty.

I am thrilled with this companies customer care in honoring me as an existing customer with the ability to trade in my old unit.

This reduced the cost for me to own the latest and greatest M9 Next Generation Life Ionizer. I am thrilled with the upgraded technology and performance of my new system! It even comes with a top notch 10 year warranty. Kudos to Tay in Life Ionizer customer support for making my trade in an easy and affordable process.This lady really knows her stuff when it comes to the Life ionizer products and maintenance support. I am a very happy repeat customer and anyone looking to own a superior water system should look no further than Life Ionizer. The health benefits alone are worthy of buying this system! :))

Great Products, Dependable

By Matt Teutberg

We have this water dispenser at our church and it is great! It has different settings for different pH levels and is easy to decipher on the interface. When you select the setting the interface lights up blue making it easy to know what setting you are on. The water tastes very pure and is clear. It is very easy to use when filling up coolers for events or any other container. With a faucet, you can’t fit big containers in the sink to fill it out, but this has a hose to dispense. At the end of the day, this machine is just practical and gives us a high quality of water, so we can spend our time focusing on other things.

Best investment I ever made!

By shirley drewry

I bought two of the M9 ionizers one for my son-in-law who came down with leukemia and one for me , He is doing good , the water taste great . We drink nothing but water now! No soda for sure! Green Smoothie girl did the research for the Life Ionizers .. compared it to the others out there. Just as good but the cost was less, that is why I was able to buy two! Not sorry I did, I love my Life M9! Worth every penny. Use the water to cook, drink and clean! Can’t go wrong

LIFE Ionizer M-7

The LIFE M-7 is LIFE’s mid-range price ionizer with performance that matches our competitors top-of-the-line models. It’s a seven plate ionizer that can adjust up to 450 Watts of power. It delivers a pH range of 2.5 – 11 with an antioxidant potential of up to -700. The M-7 beats the Kangen machine, which costs almost twice as much!

researched for a while to determine the best options when I became interested in purchasing an alkaline water machine

By kimberly

I researched for a while to determine the best options when I became interested in purchasing an alkaline water machine. I had seen an alkaline water presentation for a $4000 machine by another company that does network marketing. The information was good to inspire me to want the machine for better health. But I knew that there must be a more reasonably priced option. Once I researched I discovered the Life Ionizer machine and checked several sources to back up the information I learned. Any way I looked at it I found out on my own that the Life Ionizer was the most technologically advanced machine on the market, and at the best price. I am very happy with my choice as the machine itself lives up to the research, and the company provides very good customer service also.

Unexpected Benefit!

By Arturo Sy

I have my Life Ionizer 7600 for over three years now. I use it because I believe the ionized Alkaline water generated would have some health benefits. I am generally in good condition but nevertheless wanted to keep my body healthy. However, I did have what is called trigger fingers. My hands would lock up during my sleep. When I wake up I would have to pry my fists open to loosen my fingers. My family doctor said that this is due to chemical changes in my body. I wasn’t thinking of using the ionized water to treat this condition, and I have not come across people saying it would either. However, several months into using ionized water, I realized that my trigger fingers condition was gone. Everyone in the family use ionized alkaline. We use it for cooking as well. When my children goes to school they also bring with them bottled ionized water. The machine has served us well all this time. I believe it still has a very long life ahead, before I began thinking of upgrading to a newer system.

Wish I had found this years ago!

By Lorin Koch

While visiting a friend in Houston we were introduced to the Life Ionizer. I had been drinking alkaline water for some time (not from a Life Ionizer machine) and had already determined that it was better for you than tap or bottled water. This was my wife’s first experience with alkaline water. She had been suffering with Angioedema and heartburn for some time and felt almost immediate improvement. By the time we left she was nearly symptom free. When we returned home I bought an M7 unit and we have been using ever since. It is extremely easy to install, use and maintain. The whole family loves it.

Some of the other things we have noticed is that the Alkaline water tastes better and food cooked in alkaline water also seems to taste better as well. Drinking alkaline water has also enabled me to quit taking Prilosec for heartburn.

LIFE Ionizer M-5

The LIFE M-5 is LIFE’s entry-level ionizer. It has 5 plates and adjusts up to 250 Watts of power. It delivers good pH performance, it’s range is 5.5 to 10.3, and it generates up to -550 antioxidant ORP potential. At less than half the price of the Kangen machine, the LIFE M-5 performs comparable to the Kangen machine without the use of added chemicals.

For great health and energy I would recommend any of the Life Ionizers

By dov Sclarow

I have had a Life Ionizer since 2007. What a difference it has made in my life. I always know that my water is clean and free of contaminants. The taste is also magnificent!!! Life is the only water company I have seen that not only uses pre filters but customizes them according to the chemicals your water company adds to your water in your home town. At one point I lost so much weight from the Ionized water I had to stop drinking it. I gave my older Life Ionizer to one of my clients, now the women who works for him is already losing weight just from drinking the water in the first week. For great health and energy I would recommend any of the Life Ionizers. They are all top quality, just like the company that produces them. I am grateful Thank you Life Ionizers. Also the customer service is awesome, so there is never a headache or hassle about anything.

Great product with real health benefits.

By Rita

I researched these systems for a few weeks (on Amazon and talking to my plumber and associates at Lowes/H.D) and finally decided on this system. For starters, this system is packed very well and arrived to my home completely intact. I was impressed upon opening it as the main filter housing unit seemed very high quality and heavy.

Whether this system is easy to install or not is obviously subjective depending on factors such as the your previous experience with basic plumbing and/or your particular location for install. I decided to install mine under the kitchen sink and also ran a separate line for the refrigerator’s ice/water line.

There are old water pipes in my house and the water tasted terrible.

By Elizabeth Ryerson

I purchased my M5 Life Ionizer 1 year ago.What a difference it has made in my life.

There are old water pipes in my house and the water tasted terrible. In the past I used different kind of filters and they did not make much improvement.

Now my water comes out clean, taste fresh and I can adjust water PH level. I am a coffee drinker and what a difference the ionizer water makes to my coffee taste. Now I really enjoy the 8 glasses of water that I need to drink every day.

Great product.

Another neat thing about it is once you bolt the base of the faucet down, you can still swivel the entire neck around so you could, for example, fill the dog’s water bowl with it sitting on the kitchen counter

Now about the actual meat and potatoes of the product. Right after installing it and let the system flush ~2 gallons I immediately poured a glass of new water into my glass to taste it. I must say even before going into any scientific data. That just purely relying on taste I felt the difference right away. Prior to that we had a RO system and I must say it didn’t taste as good as this. Over the course of 6 months I was using this water for cooking and drinking. Not sure whether it’s psychological or not but I do feel great not tired, no joint paint and I notice my hair no longer brittle as it was before. I am happy with the system and hope it would continue to work.

Oh and the price. Don’t let it scare you as the way I approach life is your health is most important and everything else comes later. If you aren’t going to spend [your money] on this you would spend [it] on something else that would collect dust in your garage w/ no health benefits to you.

Which LIFE Ionizer is right for you?

As you can see from the reviews above, those customers found the perfect LIFE Ionizer for their needs. The machine they got came with the right filters for their local water quality, and it was powerful enough to tackle the tough health challenges those people faced. So how did they find the perfect LIFE Ionizer? We helped them! Our alkaline machine experts stand ready to help you as well. When you buy a LIFE Ionizer, we promise:

  • You will get the right filters for your local water quality problems
  • The water you drink will be the best tasting water you ever drank
  • You will get the right machine for you and your family
  • You’ll get great customer service, and a terrific warranty


Make sure you check back often to see more LIFE ionizer Reviews : 5 Star on Amazon.

Find the perfect LIFE Ionizer. Call us at 855 790-8121 for a free, no obligation consultation. Call today about special pricing and other incentives.

Is the Platinum in Water Ionizers Safe?

new page – http://www.ionizer.dreamhosters.com/paul-pages/is-the-platinum-in-water-ionizers-safe/

The electrode plates in most water ionizers are made of titanium and coated with platinum for a reason:

You are exposed to more platinum by your car’s exhaust than you are from a water ionizer

Platinum is a noble metal, which means that it doesn’t chemically react with other substances easily. In fact, to get it to react with other substances, you have to heat it up to over 1,000 degrees. If you own a water ionizer, you have nothing to worry about because the platinum used on the plates of a water ionizer never becomes anywhere near hot enough to react with anything. The water in a water ionizer keeps the plates cool. Platinum is used to coat the plates on a water ionizer because it is non-reactive, and it ensures that the alkaline water you are drinking is perfectly safe

Your car: Your main source of exposure to platinum particles

A water ionizer stays cool because of the water in it, but the catalytic converter on your car gets hot enough for platinum to react. While running, the hot exhaust gasses from your engine heat the platinum in your catalytic converter to well over 1,000 degrees. When that happens, the platinum in the catalytic converter acts as a catalyst that enables those exhaust gasses to keep burning. That reaction releases some platinum compounds into the air. According to the EPA, cars are your main source of exposure to platinum.

As compared to a water ionizer, you are potentially exposed to several billion times more platinum by a single drive to the store than you are in a lifetime of drinking alkaline water from a water ionizer. You breathe in  platinum compounds every time you drive, or go anywhere near a street or highway, so you’ve been breathing in platinum particles for most if not all of your life. To avoid ingesting it, you would have to move someplace where there are no cars.

Platinum in medicine

Platinum compounds are used in medicine mostly  for treatment of tumors. In medications, platinum is combined with other substances because it enhances those medicines’ anti-tumor qualities. Platinum is ideal as part of an anti-cancer medication precisely because it is an incredibly safe way to make those drugs more effective.

The platinum used in medications is called a platinum complex, because it is chemically combined with other substances to form platinum compounds. These  compounds are designed to react in the presence of tumor cells and destroy them. Pure platinum like that used in ionizers isn’t used in medicine because it is non-reactive.

Pure platinum used in water ionizers

Water ionizer plates are coated with pure platinum because it is  non-reactive. The platinum coating on a water ionizer’s plates ensures that the alkaline water you are drinking is as pure as it can possibly be. It is why LIFE Ionizers puts eight coats of medical-grade platinum on our heavy duty GRID  Plates. Our eight coat MAX plate Coating process enables LIFE to guarantee our plates for life, and put more power into our ionizers and deliver to you the purest, healthiest, best tasting alkaline water in the world.


Got questions? We have answers. Call us at 855 790-8121 for a free, no obligation consultation. Take back your health, you deserve it




“Final Report | Platinum-Containing Nanomaterials: Sources, Speciation, and Toxicity in the

Environment | Research Project Database | NCER | ORD | US EPA.” Final Report | Platinum-Containing Nanomaterials: Sources, Speciation, and Toxicity in the Environment | Research Project Database | NCER | ORD | US EPA. U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Web. 1 Sept. 2015. <http://cfpub.epa.gov/ncer_abstracts/index.cfm/fuseaction/display.highlight/abstract/8978/report/F>

What does Alkaline Water Taste like?

new page: http://www.ionizer.dreamhosters.com/paul-pages/what-does-alkaline-water-taste-like/

Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes like natural artesian spring water: It’s deeply refreshing and smooth, with a slightly sweeter and more satisfying taste than plain water. The reason alkaline water tastes like artesian spring water is because these two waters have everything in common: They both get their healthy alkalinity from alkaline hydrate minerals, and they’re both rich in age-fighting antioxidant potential.

Alkaline water tastes like natural artesian spring water

There are only seven known antioxidant artesian springs known to exist on Earth. Each of them is known for their incredible health restorative potential. Until water ionizers were invented, the only way to get these amazing healing waters was to travel to one of the seven springs on Earth where they are found. With a water ionizer, that legendary, sweet tasting spring water is as close as your kitchen sink.

Why don’t they just bottle and sell artesian spring water?

They do, but by the time you buy it, it’s stale. The most powerful health restorative property of artesian spring water is its antioxidant potential. But that antioxidant potential doesn’t keep in bottles. So by the time you buy it in the store, artesian spring water will have lost much of the health restorative quality that you bought it for! It’s like canned food vs. fresh food. Fresh food is better for you because food’s antioxidant potential doesn’t keep either!

This is why the alkaline water fresh from a water ionizer tastes like artesian spring water fresh from the spring. Both waters are in water’s raw, primal form; unsullied by the toxins of the modern age. It’s why the best way to get the antioxidant benefit of drinking alkaline water is to make it yourself with your own water ionizer, then drink it fresh.

Proof that alkaline water tastes better than regular water

Alkaline water from a water ionizer has been blind taste-tested and proven to taste better than the water it was made from. Researchers gave study volunteers two glasses of water to taste: Both came from the same source, but one was ionized with a water ionizer, and the other wasn’t.

The people in the taste test didn’t know which water was which, all they knew was they had one water marked “A” and one water marked “B”. All of the people in the taste test chose the alkaline water from the water ionizer as the best tasting water.

My cat knows the difference too: I can put two bowls of water in front of him. He will pick the alkaline water every time. In fact, if I put the wrong kind of water in his bowl, I will hear about it!

LIFE Ionizers guarantees: We will make your water the best tasting water you ever drank. Call us at 855-790-8121. The healthiest water in the world is just a phone call away


Koseki, M, Y Tanaka, and et al. “Effect of pH on the Taste of Alkaline Electrolyzed Water.” Wiley Online Library. Journal of Food Science, n.d. Web. 3 Jul 2013. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17995745


Will a water ionizer work with my water?

New page: http://www.ionizer.dreamhosters.com/paul-pages/will-a-water-ionizer-work-with-my-water/

Water ionizers need calcium and magnesium in water to work. Water ionizers work best with hard water as long as the water isn’t too hard. If it is, then the hardness will need to be reduced. Water ionizers are actually more prone to hard water deposits because an ionizer changes the mineral carbonates in tap water into mineral hydroxides. Those mineral hydroxides are what makes the water alkaline, but they are more hydrophobic than mineral carbonates, which means they settle out of water more readily than mineral carbonates. Thankfully, LIFE Ionizers uses our advanced Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (RADC) technology to reduce and control mineral hydroxide deposits.

Your water must have enough minerals in it to work in a water ionizer

The  minimum hardness needed for a water ionizer to work is 50 mg/L. For your health, you also need to make sure your water ionizer is equipped with the right filters for the toxins in your water supply. Water filtered by Reverse Osmosis (RO) or distillation must be remineralized to work with a water ionizer. RO and distilled water lacks minerals, so it doesn’t meet the 50 mg/L hardness requirement.

Hard water guide: Will an ionizer work with your water?

Soft Water Areas – 0 to 60 mg/L The ionizer needs to work harder in soft water areas to bring the pH level up. The best ionizers for this have a lot of power. In some cases, water can be too soft for ionization. In that case, a re-mineralizing cartridge is used to add minerals to the water. With the addition of a Remineralizing cartridge water hardness can be increased to any desired amount.

Medium-Hardness Water Areas – 60 to 120 mg/L This type of water usually works well with a water ionizer. All you will need is a pre-filter designed for toxins found in your water supply. When you buy a LIFE Ionizer, we check your local water quality report to find those toxins. We give you the pre-filter you need free.

Hard Water Areas – 120 to 180 mg/L  Water ionizers with advanced self-cleaning systems such as LIFE Ionizers work fine with moderately hard water. But older ionizers such as the Kangen Water machine that don’t have advanced cleaning technology may not work, and you may void the warranty on the Kangen machine if you use it with hard water.

Very Hard Water Areas –  180 or higher In very hard water areas, such as Arizona or Vegas, or in the case of very hard well-water, you have to reduce the hardness of your water. There are pre-filters that reduce water hardness, but in some cases, reverse osmosis filtration is the only way to go. Reverse osmosis removes all of the minerals from water (making it nearly pure) so you have to use a remineralizing cartridge to prepare the water for ionization.

If you use a water softener, you should bypass it when providing water for your ionizer. Water softeners exchange the calcium and magnesium in tap water for sodium. For good health, you want calcium and magnesium in the water you drink. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends you get 10 – 20% of your daily needs for calcium and magnesium from the water you drink.

Does your water have enough calcium and magnesium for good health?

Adults should get about 1,000 mg of calcium per day, and about 250 mg of magnesium per day. To get the WHO-recommended 10 – 20% of that amount in your drinking water, you will need to get between 100 – 200 mg of calcium, and 25 – 50 mg of magnesium per day.

The amount of minerals in your water are measured as milligrams per liter (mg/L). If you drink two liters of water per day, your water should have between 50 – 100 mg/L calcium, and 12 – 25 mg/L magnesium, for you to get the 10 – 20% WHO-recommended amounts. LIFE Ionizers can add minerals to your water if it is deficient.

Find out if your water has enough minerals for good health with a free water quality report

How to make sure you have the right filters for your water quality

If your water has enough minerals in it for good health, you still need to make sure you have the right filtration for your local water quality. If you choose LIFE Ionizers, we will evaluate your local water quality and determine which kind of filter(s) you need. Those filters will be included free with your new LIFE Ionizer.

Other brands don’t provide LIFE’s water quality analysis service, so you’d have to figure out the filters for yourself. If you have heavy metals or salt in your water, you should avoid the Kangen Water machine – it does not filter heavy metals or salts in your water. For the best in water ionizer filtration, get a LIFE, we take the guess work out of water ionizer filtration and make sure it works with your water.


Need help figuring out if your water will work with a water ionizer? Call us today at 855-790-8121 and we will help you find out.


Water Ionizer Benefits for Health and More

new page: http://www.ionizer.dreamhosters.com/paul-pages/water-ionizer-benefits-for-health-and-more/

Most people know that water ionizers make alkaline water that’s good for your health. But did you know that the alkaline water from an ionizer can detoxify produce? Or that the acidic water from a water ionizer is a miracle hair rinse? Better health is a great reason to get a water ionizer, but many water ionizer owners miss out on the full potential of their machine. One of the most surprising benefits? How much money you can save.

Once you own a water ionizer, you’ll understand why you can’t live without one

Your alkaline buffer declines with age: Why alkaline water is good for you

Your body’s ability to handle acidity declines with age. It is for that reason that the people who mostly benefit from drinking alkaline water for health are middle-aged and older. The body has three main systems for dealing with acidity: Breath, urine, and bone.

Breath: Your lungs discharge acidity with every exhale in the form of CO2. It works great for people with normal lung capacity and at least average fitness. But if your lung capacity is reduced, or you have physical limitations that limit your endurance, your lungs may become overwhelmed. When that happens, you feel out of breath. This happens because oxygen and CO2 in the bloodstream is carried by molecules called hemoglobin. At healthy pH levels, the hemoglobin can readily release CO2 in the lungs, and take on oxygen. If blood pH is too low, the hemoglobin can’t release CO2, rendering it unable to pick up oxygen

Drinking alkaline water can raise blood pH if your blood pH is low. That will enable the hemoglobin molecules to release CO2, and enable them to pick up oxygen.

Benefits of improved blood pH: You have more energy, and don’t get tired as easily.

Urine: Another way your body discharges excess acidity is in the form of uric acid. This system enables your body to compensate for an acidic diet – until it doesn’t. When this system fails, excessive levels of uric acid build up in the body, possibly resulting in kidney stones and gout.

Your body’s ability to discharge uric acid in the urine can be improved by raising the pH of your urine. Urine can hold 1,000 times more uric acid at a pH of 7 than it can at a pH of 5. Drinking alkaline water raises urine pH levels which makes the kidneys able to discharge acidic wastes more efficiently.

Benefits of improved urine pH: Raising urine pH makes the kidneys more effective at discharging acidic wastes. These wastes include heavy metals like mercury, harmful elements like fluoride, and other acidic wastes. Drinking alkaline water is highly recommended for cleansing/detoxification regimes for this reason.

Bone: If your lungs and kidneys can’t control your blood’s pH level, your bones act as an alkalinity source-of-last-resort for your body to neutralize acidity with. If your blood’s pH is low, it will dissolve calcium from your bones, which will neutralize the acidity. The only problem is, your body may not replace the calcium that was dissolved afterward. Over the long term, if your body depends on calcium from your bones to neutralize acidity, your bones will become weak and brittle.

You can protect your bones by drinking alkaline water. Research shows that drinking alkaline water reduces bone loss. Even the prestigious Mayo Clinic agrees that there is a link between drinking alkaline water and bone health! Unlike bone medications like Boniva, alkaline water is safe and recommended for long term use. Boniva and other bone medications are only recommended for use for up to 5 years.

Benefits of alkaline water for bone health: Drinking alkaline water lowers your rate of bone loss, which helps you keep the bone you’ve got. The best way to treat bone loss is to prevent it from happening.

Medical Studies that use Alkaline Water from a Water Ionizer

Alkaline water made by water ionizers has been studied since the  early 1900’s. Some of the earliest studies were conducted in Russia, where it was determined that drinking ionized alkaline water could remove radiation from the body. Further research was conducted in Japan, which lead to water ionizers being certified as medical devices for the treatment of mild digestive upset.

Water Ionizer Medical Research


Health Condition 

Radiation poisoning

Digestive Upset

Bone Health

Blood/urine pH

Heavy metals in body


High Cholesterol

Blood Pressure

Blood Sugar




Athletic Performance


Helps reduce

88% of test subjects got relief

Reduces bone loss

Raises to healthy levels

Detoxifies 10 heavy metals

Helps weight loss

Reduces triglycerides and V/LDL

Reduced blood pressure

Helps control

Reduces oxidation damage

Improves hydration

Provides gradual relief

Improves workouts


In all, there are over 40 studies that have been done on alkaline water that show that it has health benefits.

Water Ionizers Make Healthier Meals

What’s better for your health than a cleanse? Not putting toxins into your body in the first place! Alkaline water neutralizes acidic herbicide and pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables. Plain water doesn’t. You can protect your health against toxins by simply soaking your produce in a bowl of alkaline water for about 20 minutes prior to eating. You will actually see the alkaline water working, it will turn muddy brown after just a few minutes of soaking.

Protection you can count on: Alkaline water detoxifies Monsanto’s Roundup

Increase the antioxidant benefit of coffee and tea by making it with alkaline water. Ionized alkaline water made by a water ionizer has antioxidant potential, making coffee or tea with it improves the taste of both, and increases their antioxidant potential.

Triple the antioxidant benefit of citrus juices such as lemons. limes, and oranges. Alkaline water unlocks the full antioxidant potential of vitamin C and reduces the acidity of citrus beverages. Try having a twist of lemon in a glass of alkaline water when you first wake up, it’s a great eye-opener and really gets you going!

Acidic Water Benefits for Beauty and Garden

Water ionizers make two kinds of water at the same time: Alkaline and acidic. The acidic water isn’t for drinking, but it has other valuable uses:

Hair: If you have long hair (mine is nearly 3 ft long) you will love what the acidic water from a water ionizer does for your hair. Your hair has an acidic pH balance of between 3 – 3.5. Hard water from the tap leaves your hair dried out because it’s pH is too high for hair health. An acidic water rinse closes and compacts hair follicles, which leaves your hair soft, shiny, and manageable. It makes so much of a difference that I won’t wash my hair unless I have an acidic water rinse!

To use acidic water as a hair rinse: Simply bring a bottle of acidic water with you into the shower. Rinse your hair with it after shampooing, and before conditioning. For intensive care, add a capful of apple cider vinegar.

Skin: Acidic water acts as an astringent, it tightens and tones your skin. It is also good for treating minor burns and can help reduce the sting from a sunburn. Teenagers have found that acidic water can help reduce the appearance of acne.

To use acidic water as a skin treatment: Put acidic water into a spray bottle to make it convenient for use. As needed, simply spritz your skin with acidic water. You can also rinse with it after washing.

Plants love acidic water Plants prefer water with a pH of between 5 and 6, tap water is too alkaline for plants. Acidic water from a water ionizer will make a huge difference in your plant’s health. House plants look nicer, and garden vegetables produce higher yields.

How a water ionizer saves you money

A water ionizer will save you a lot of money over the cost of bottled alkaline water. If you tried to buy enough bottled alkaline water to drink, cook with, and detoxify your produce, you’d easily spend over $100 a month. A water ionizer makes alkaline water for less than 3 cents per gallon (the replacement cost of the filters).

I’ve had a water ionizer in my home for 5 years, and I honestly can’t live without it. The alkaline water it produces has had an amazing effect on my wife’s health. My health is robust, for me, alkaline water’s most notable effect is that it has improved my athletic performance, and the acidic water has been a miracle for my hair. Once you own a water ionizer, you’ll understand what makes an ionizer so indispensable too.


Yes, we can finance an ionizer for less than you’d pay for a month’s supply of bottled alkaline water. Call us at 855-790-8121 for a free no obligation consultation




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