New-01.2 Alkaline Water Cleanse – Do you need to cleanse?

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Self Test: Do you need to cleanse? If you feel your health is less than it should be, check yourself for the following 10 signs of a toxic body. If you get a score of four or higher, than you could benefit from a detox. Give yourself one point for every yes answer.

Do you:

• Miss a daily bowel movement more than once per week?
• Take prescription, over the counter, or recreational drugs?
• Suffer from chronic digestive trouble or gas/bloating?
• Eat fast or processed food? • Smoke? Are you exposed to secondhand smoke?
• Have skin problems? • Drink alcohol?
• Live close to a hydraulic fracturing (Fracking) well?
• Drink tap water or soda • Feel fatigued, have low energy or poor sleeping habits

If you answered yes to four or more of these questions, then you may benefit from a cleanse.

Read the full 25 page guide here: Ultimate Water Cleanse Guide