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7 Alkaline Foods and Drinks to Help you Sleep Better

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Alkaline Foods and Drinks: Safer than sleeping pills

Having trouble getting to sleep?  According to the Centers for Disease Control, you’re not alone. Sleep

These 7 alkaline foods and drinks can help you get a good night’s rest – naturally!

deprivation is a public health epidemic, but it gets worse: The drugs people take as sleep aids are themselves causing a health epidemic. Over the counter and prescription sleep aids are addictive, and come with nasty side effects such as allergic reactions and “complex sleep related behaviors such as:

  • Making phone calls
  • Driving cars
  • Binge eating
  • And worse


All these things happen while the person is not truly awake. People affected with these complex sleep disorders have been involved in terrible tragedies such as fatal car crashes – and they don’t even remember getting into the car! If the prospect of being involved in a terrible car crash that you don’t even remember terrifies you, then consider these 7 alkaline foods and drinks that help you get to sleep naturally, without side effects.

1. Camomile Tea

Camomile tea is recognized as a mild tranquilizer that is effective at inducing sleep. You should make and drink camomile tea about a half hour before bedtime. It works best if you use two or three tea bags to increase the concentration of your tea. You can make camomile tea even better by making it with alkaline water, because alkaline water is better at extracting the active ingredients, called terpenes and flavonoids, than regular water is. That will increase the sedative effects of the tea. Alkaline water also increases the antioxidant potential of tea and improves your hydration status. It is highly recommended that you drink 8 ounces of water before bed to hydrate your body and prevent heart attacks and strokes, so making your camomile tea with alkaline water doubles the benefit of your tea!

2. Kiwi fruit

Research from Taiwan’s Taipei Medical University reveals that eating two kiwi’s an hour before bedtime decreased the time that it took for a person to fall asleep by 35%. The study examined 22 people who had trouble falling asleep. Kiwi also helped the study participants sleep more soundly, and sleep longer. The reason kiwi may be so effective at helping you sleep is that it is high in serotonin. In the body, serotonin is a hormone that helps regulate sleep. Research suggests that increasing serotonin levels in the body can help promote sleep.  Kiwi is also a superfood, it has antioxidant benefits and is loaded with Vitamin C.

3. Seaweed

Seaweed is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which research suggests helps you get to sleep sooner, and sleep better. The study examined whether taking a 600 Mg seaweed supplement each day for 16 weeks would result in better sleep. It did. Plan to take your seaweed supplement about an hour before bed.

4. Walnuts

Walnuts are a great source of melatonin, which is a hormone that regulates sleep. You may even choose to enjoy your walnuts along with Kiwi, which supplies serotonin, so you get two helpful sleep hormones at the same time.

5. Almonds

If you suffer from low magnesium levels, you may have trouble getting to sleep. Almonds are nature’s richest source of magnesium. Boosting your magnesium levels is also good for your heart and blood pressure.

6. Tart Cherry Juice

In a study on older adults (65+) drinking two, eight-ounce glasses of Montmorency tart cherry juice. Tart cherries are a great source of melatonin, and montmorency cherries are believed to be the best source of it. Tart cherry juice also contains tryptophan, an enzyme that is a precursor to serotonin. The researchers in the study suggested that it may be the combination of melatonin and tryptophan that makes tart cherry juice such an amazing sleep aid. The adults in the study slept an average of 84 more minutes each night, and their sleep cycles were deeper.

You should plan to drink one eight ounce glass in the morning, and one in the evening. If the cherry juice is too tart, you can mix it with alkaline water, which will buffer some of that tartness.

7. Ionized Alkaline Water

Alkaline water supplies magnesium, if your body’s magnesium levels are too low, alkaline water can help improve them even if you have digestive health problems that make it hard for your body to absorb magnesium. Plan to drink alkaline water throughout your day, if you can drink 2 – 3 liters per day, you’ll get anywhere from 10 – 20% of your daily magnesium requirements from alkaline water alone.

How to use these 7 Alkaline foods and drinks every day for better sleep

Morning: Plan to start your morning with an 8 ounce glass of alkaline water and an 8 ounce glass of tart cherry juice. This will serve to start building up your melatonin levels, and hydrate your intestines to encourage peristalsis: The movement of wastes through your intestines. Of course, you can combine the two into one, 16 ounce drink.

Daytime: Drink at least 2 liters of alkaline water during the day. It will provide beneficial magnesium and hydration. In fact, drinking alkaline water throughout the day just might stop that 3 O’Clock crash feeling, it works for me!

Evening: After dinner, have two kiwi’s and a handful of walnuts and almonds as dessert. This will give your body time to digest these foods before bed. About two hours before bedtime, have an 8 ounce glass of tart cherry juice. Then about one hour before bedtime, have an eight ounce glass of alkaline water. This glass of water may just save your life: A glass of water an hour before bed can prevent a heart attack or stroke.

Expect the benefits of this natural sleep aid plan to build up gradually, over the course of two weeks. Natural sleep aids don’t have the knockout power of sleep drugs, but they’re also a lot safer. Sleep drugs can cause dizziness that results in harmful falls, and they can be addictive. With these natural sleep aids, you can sleep soundly on the fact that what you’re doing for your sleep is also good for your health.


Find out what alkaline water could do for your health. Call us at 855 790-8121 for a free no obligation consultation




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EXPOSED: Cities intentionally poisoning drinking water

The cities of Flint, Michigan and Sacramento, California both thought they found a way to save money on municipal water treatment. What neither city told it’s residents was that their cost-cutting measures would endanger public safety. In Flint,

Flint Michigan and Sacramento California both exposed their residents to poisoned drinking water – intentionally

a state of emergency has been declared after it was found that children in the city had lead levels in their blood that were 10 times higher than what is deemed dangerous by the EPA. In Sacramento, the city added a chemical to the water called aluminum chlorohydrate, which forms carcinogenic disinfection byproducts. What’s truly shocking about both cases is that each city knew that their cost-cutting efforts could result in polluted drinking water and they did it anyways.

Update: Legionnaires Disease outbreak in Flint may be caused by Flint River water

1/18/16: The situation in Flint, Michigan discussed in this article is still breaking. Late-breaking news sources report that there is an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease that may be linked to poisoned water from the Flint River. 87 cases of Legionnaires has been reported, 10 of which were fatal. Most of the victims were and are children. Updates will be posted to this blog as they come available.

Sacramento secretly adds cancer-causing chemical to water supply

Starting in 2013, the City of Sacramento decided to conduct an “experiment” to save money on water treatment. Residents of Sacramento were never notified that they were taking part in the city’s water treatment experiment. The city replaced the alum normally used as a flocculent with aluminum chlorohydrate. A flocculent binds to sediment, silt, and other impurities to make them easier to filter out. However, early on in the experiment, it was discovered that the aluminum chlorohydrate was not working well at all. The city decided to double down on it’s failed experiment and added massive amounts of chlorine to it’s water to compensate.

Chlorine + Aluminum Chlorohydrate = Carcinogens

Clearly, Sacramento failed chemistry 101. The aluminum chlorohydrate and the massive amount of chlorine in the water formed carcinogenic disinfection byproducts known as trihalomethanes. Due to public outcry, Sacramento ended its experiment about a year ago, but the damage has already been done: Levels of trihalomethanes in Sacramento’s water remain dangerously high.

Sacramento also plagued by Chromium-6: The Erin Brockovich chemical

Trihalomethanes aren’t the only carcinogen threatening the health and safety of Sacramento residents: The north part of the city is also being exposed to Chromium-6 which is leeching from McClellan Air Force base. As late as June of 2015, The Sacramento Bee reported that water from 6 of the 11 wells used to draw water for the Rio Linda-Elverta water district were found to have Chromium 6 contamination that is well above the EPA’s safe limit for Chromium 6. Currently, nothing is being done about the Chromium 6 contamination.

Drinking water poisoned with lead in Flint Michigan

The problems for Flint began when Governor Rick Snyder disenfranchised the city management of Flint, and replaced it with an appointed “emergency” manager named Darnell Earley. The manager decided to save money in April of 2014 by switching Flint’s water supply from the Flint river, instead of using the Detroit city water system. The problem is, the Flint river is very salty, and that salt immediately began corroding the pipes in Flint’s antiquated municipal water system. Those corroded pipes released massive amounts of lead into the city water supply.

The problems were noticeable right away; the water started smelling like rotten eggs. Children and others exposed to the water began developing rashes and falling sick. Still, the city’s emergency manager insisted that there was nothing wrong with the water. In fact, the city responded to residents complaints by substantially raising the amount of chlorine in the water. This made the problem even worse by forming additional carcinogenic disinfection byproducts. Tests of Flint drinking water done about 30 days after the switch, in May of 2014 showed that the water contained 900 times the permissible level of lead.

EPA Investigation has begun

Many sources are reporting that Governor Rick Snyder was fully aware of the test results from May of 2014, but still chose to do nothing. In fact, as late as February 2015, officials from Governor Snyder’s administration insisted that there was nothing wrong with Flint’s water. Flint’s water supply was recently switched back to the City of Detroit’s water supply, but as of Jan, 2016, the contamination in the city’s water infrastructure is so severe, the water’s still not safe to drink. The EPA recently announced that it has begun an investigation to find out why Governor Snyder and his emergency manager decided to wait almost a year after finding out that Flint’s water was poisoned before taking action.

Is your city’s water poisonous?

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) nationwide testing has found that 6.5 million americans are being exposed to a dangerous chemical compound in their water that is used to make Teflon. Oil spills earlier this year fouled water for thousands of residents in Montana. Studies have shown that fracking operations are contaminating water supplies all across the nation. Coal mining creates some of the worst water pollution. According to the EPA, 72% of all toxic water problems come from coal-fired power plants. The use of coal pollutes drinking water all across the south with toxic metals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead, and more.

Help is not on the way

Despite increasing water quality problems across the country, help is not on the way. Many cities continue to try and cut costs by neglecting water infrastructure, or by experimenting with cheap “substitute” chemicals. Chances are very high that your water supply is contaminated by one or more toxins that your city isn’t telling you about. Your only defense is to filter your water yourself. If you are concerned about your water quality, it’s best to have it tested, don’t take your local water utility’s word that it’s safe!

Filtration solutions that protect you and your family

Your best bet is to install a whole home water filtration system such as LIFE’s Dolphin Whole Home Filtration System. Water softeners do not filter out toxins, so if you have a water softener system, it’s not protecting your from toxic chemicals. The Dolphin system is the ideal whole home filtration solution because it uses ion-trapping technology to bind pollutants in water so they can’t enter your home. Ion-trapping is effective against a wider spectrum of toxins than conventional filtration such as activated carbon. Because of this, the Dolphin system is your best bet for protecting yourself and your family from unknown toxins that your city may be poisoning your water supply with.

Detoxification with alkaline water

If you live in an area such as Flint, Sacramento, or other areas where the water has been poisoned with heavy metals, alkaline water may be able to help you detoxify your body from them. Research has shown that alkaline water could detox your body of 10 different heavy metals. It also may help prevent your body from absorbing toxins. The pH of the water you drink determines what your body absorbs from it. Research from Sweden shows that women who drank alkaline well water absorbed nutrients like calcium and magnesium. Women who drank acidic well water absorbed toxins like mercury. The findings from the Swedish research were so definitive that researchers in the study concluded “alkaline water may protect against the toxic effects of mercury”.


Worried about what’s in your water? Call us at 855 790-8121 for a free, no obligation water quality consultation




Abraham, Guy, and Jorge Flebas. “The effect of daily consumption of 2 liters of

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Alkaline Water: Good Health or Junk Science?

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There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about alkaline water, and it’s easy to see why. The correct name for alkaline

Alkaline water: Good health – and the studies to back it up

water is “Electrolyzed Reduced Water” in chemistry, there is no such thing as alkaline or kangen water. Both of these are simply marketing terms. That’s why if you do a Google Scholar search for alkaline water studies, you won’t find any. To find the studies that have been done, you have to search for Electrolyzed Reduced Water.

An article online called Alkaline Water: Good Health or Junk Science by Jan Roberts claims that alkaline ionized water can’t have any effect on the body because it’s neutralized by stomach acid. But later in the article, Roberts warns that if you drink alkaline water, it will interfere with your digestive enzymes. I found that mighty confusing, you can’t have it both ways: If it did nothing, then there’s no way it could interfere with your digestive enzymes.

I tried to reach out to Roberts to ask about this contradiction, but strangely enough, the company she wrote the article for says that no such person works there.

Can alkaline water help fight disease, combat acidity, enhance longevity and even cure cancer?

Alkaline ionized water promotes general wellness, it’s not a drug. You drink it to enhance your health. Research shows that drinking it can raise blood and urine pH when they are low. It can fight acidity, and that drinking alkaline water brings gradual relief of digestive upset caused by acidity, it also brings gradual relief of the symptoms of Gastrointestinal Reflux.

Do the health claims being made for this new ‘wonder-water’ stand-up to scientific scrutiny?

Alkaline water isn’t a “new wonder water”. Springs like Noredneau in Germany have been prized for centuries for their health-restorative properties. Water ionizers simply turn tap water into the same kind of water you get from springs like Nordeneau.

There are over 40 studies that document health benefits from drinking alkaline water. It helps with digestive upset, bone health, athletic performance, and many other conditions

More importantly, is there any evidence that some forms of ‘alkaline water’ might even be harmful?

No. Alkaline water is generally recognized as safe by health experts. In fact, there is only one “form” of alkaline water, because all alkaline water gets its alkalinity from the same place – calcium and magnesium. No negative health effects have ever been reported in humans from drinking alkaline ionized water in the over 200 years of documented medical history that it has been consumed.

How water ionizers work

Ionizers use a process called electrodialysis to separate the ions in water into alkaline and acidic fractions, each are discharged separately. It’s important to note that the dissolved mineral ions in alkaline water are naturally present. Water ionizers can’t alter them in any way. Because of this, the water from a water ionizer is exactly the same as antioxidant natural spring water – good for your health, and 100% natural.

Is there medical evidence to support the health claims made for alkaline water?

Yes, there are over 40 studies that support the health benefits of alkaline ionized water.

Why did Dr. Weil say alkaline water claim there’s no scientific evidence?

Dr. Weil was specifically referring to implausible health claims made by Enagic Kangen about cancer. He’s right, the Enagic claims are bunk. Dr. Weil failed to discuss the actual health studies done on alkaline water because he doesn’t even realise they exist! Scientists call alkaline water “electrolyzed reduced water” to find the medical studies on it, that is what you must search for. Dr. Weil searched for “alkaline water studies” so he missed all of the available research. See for yourself:

Scholar search results:

Alkaline water warning?

The rat studies referred to in the article have never been reproduced. They are considered to be outliers which are not supported by the medical facts.

Digestion interrupted?

Earlier in the article, the author states:

“our stomach contains hydrochloric acid with a pH of around 3 to 4.  If we drink water with a pH 8.5 or 9 it is immediately neutralised by our gastric acids and loses its ability to alkalise our body as soon it enters the highly acidic stomach environment.”

At the end of the article the author states:

“We noted before that weakly buffered ‘alkaline water’ (even at pH 11) is immediately neutralised by the stomach acids. However, it does have an effect on our digestive system.

Every time you drink artificially high pH ‘ionized’ water your stomach produces more acid to compensate for the dilution of acid in the stomach.”

Which is it? Is alkaline water destroyed by the acidic stomach? Or does it have an effect? The fact is – you are not supposed to drink alkaline water with meals – because it does have an effect.

The article closes with a “theory” (unsupported by evidence) that drinking alkaline water disrupts enzyme production. Alkaline ionized water from water ionizers has been in use since the 1950’s. How come we have never heard of a single case of any negative effects. In our lawsuit happy society, any harm from a defective product quickly results in a lawsuit! Nobody has ever sued an alkaline water company for harm. There is no evidence that alkaline water interferes with any enzymes.

4 Signs that you have kidney stones

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Abdominal pain is the most common symptom of kidney stones, but it isn’t the only one. Renal Colic, the waves of pain

If your pain is constant and severe, get medical help right away

caused by kidney stones is also accompanied by changes in the color and odor of the urine along with flu-like symptoms. If you are in severe pain, see a doctor right away because severe abdominal pain can indicate a life-threatening condition. Keep in mind, kidney stones can pass on their own, but it isn’t worth taking chances. If you think you have kidney stones, you should see your doctor right away. Your doctor can lessen the discomfort and  provide medicine to help you pass stones.

Discolored, smelly urine

A warning sign: Kidney stones result from excessively concentrated urine. If your urine is cloudy, dark, and has a strong odor on a regular basis, you may be at risk for forming stones. If stones have formed, blood may be visible in your urine. Keep in mind that kidney stones aren’t the only reason blood may enter your urine, it can be caused by kidney and bladder infections too.

Kidney pain

When stones get stuck in the kidneys, the pain is sudden and severe. The pain from kidney stones is among the worst known types of pain. Pain from stones being stuck in the kidneys may also be accompanied by back pain, pain in the genitals or groin. This pain may pass or move if the stones in the kidneys move. The pain caused by kidney stones comes in waves, this type of pain is called colic. In between acute pain episodes, there is usually a significant underlying ache.

First Aid: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen (Tylenol) and aspirin offer the most effective over-the-counter pain relief for stones. Along with the pain medication, drink plenty of water. You should drink enough water to maintain light-colored urine, but there’s no need to overdo it. Small stones may pass on their own if you drink enough water, but there’s no evidence that chugging water would make a stone pass any faster. Proper hydration can help prevent stones from forming in the future, so resolve to keep yourself hydrated!

Additional pain relief can be provided by applying warmth to the affected area. Put a heating pad or a hot water bottle on the lower back where the most pain is felt.

Frequent and painful urination

Drinking more water to flush kidney stones out may sound like a simple thing to do, but it’s not. Along with the abdominal pain, kidney stones cause frequent and painful urination even if you don’t drink any fluids. So it’s important to remember, you don’t save yourself any pain by not drinking, and in fact you may prolong your pain because each time you urinate, you give your body a chance to pass the stones.

Sweating, Vomiting and Nausea

Flu like symptoms can accompany abdominal pain when you have kidney stones, and they may be a sign of an infection. If you have ongoing, flu-like symptoms in addition to the pain, seek medical attention promptly. An infection along with kidney stones is potentially life threatening.

Alkaline water may help fight kidney stones in stone formers

Kidney stones form when the concentration of substances like calcium, uric acid,  or oxalate in the urine gets too high, or when the concentration of citrate in the urine gets too low. Drinking adequate amounts of water each day can help reduce your chances of forming stones by lowering the concentration of stone forming substances in your urine.

It’s important to know what kinds of stones you’re forming: Alkaline water raises urine pH, which can help prevent some stones from forming. If you have a history of stone-forming, talk to your doctor before starting alkaline water. Your doctor may want to strictly control your urine pH, and you should follow their instructions to the letter. Alkaline water also supplies calcium, and your doctor may want to limit your intake of calcium.

Alkaline water could be most helpful if you form calcium oxalate stones. These are stones that form because you have excessive levels of oxalate in your urine. The calcium in alkaline water will bind to the oxalate in your intestines, and that can lower oxalate levels in your urine.

The most important things to talk about with your doctor is that alkaline water raises urine pH, and that it supplies calcium. In most cases, alkaline water’s higher pH and the moderate amount of calcium it supplies will be helpful. There are some cases where doctors need to precisely control urine pH or calcium levels, so if you form stones, you need to talk to your doctor before drinking alkaline water.


Learn more about what alkaline water could do for you. Call us at 855 790-8121 for a free, no obligation consultation




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5 Symptoms of a heart attack – before it happens

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A heart attack can strike suddenly without warning, and have devastating consequences. Or does it?

Ionized Alkaline Water, Alkaline Antioxidant Water - Article
If you experience these symptoms, seek medical help before you have a heart attack

The Centers for Disease Control studied heart attacks and found that there are five symptoms that you may feel up to a month before your heart attacks. The good news is, if you do notice these symptoms and go see your doctor right away, your chances of surviving, and avoiding a heart attack increase considerably.

Symptoms of a heart attack

Chest Pain: The most common symptom is pressure or burning in the chest. This symptom can occur at any time, and you should take it seriously. Contact a doctor immediately, doing so may just save your life. If you are prone to chronic heartburn, that condition can easily mask this symptom, so it’s best to get your chronic heartburn under control, right away.

Alkaline water can help: Alkaline water neutralizes pepsin, the enzyme that triggers the damage that gastro-esophageal reflux causes. Because of this, drinking alkaline water may help you find relief from the constant pain of chronic acid indigestion. If this works for you, you’ll notice that your GERD symptoms will gradually diminish over a course of about two weeks.

Easily Fatigued: If ordinary tasks and light exertion leave you feeling exhausted, this may be a sign that your arteries are clogging up. If your arteries are getting clogged, the flow of blood to your lungs may not be sufficient to recharge your blood hemoglobin with oxygen.

Shortness of breath: The fatigue that results from the heart having to work harder to pump blood is nearly always accompanied by shortness of breath. Because heart problems limit the supply of blood to the lungs, the body simply can’t get enough oxygen to function

Alkaline water may help: Your blood’s ability to absorb oxygen in the lungs is pH dependant. If your blood pH is too low, it isn’t able to release waste gasses in your lungs and take on oxygen. Alkaline water may help you maintain your blood pH in the healthy range so it can absorb oxygen. If this works for you, you’ll feel more energetic shortly after drinking a glass of alkaline water.

Lingering cold symptoms: If a cold lingers for more than a week, it may indicate heart trouble. Be especially on the lookout for pink mucus when you cough. This can indicate that blood is seeping into your lungs. It happens because the heart is having difficulty pumping blood through the lungs.

Swelling: When the heart has to work hard to pump blood, veins can become swollen. The first parts of the body to swell are the limbs and ankles. The swelling is also likely to be accompanied by a blueness in the lips, fingers and toes. This condition is called peripheral cyanosis. If you have swelling accompanied by peripheral cyanosis, see a doctor right away.

“The more alkaline the water, the greater the protective effect on the arteries”

That’s a direct quote from Hard water and heart: the story revisited, the largest ever study on the effects of drinking water on the heart. Researchers found that drinking enough water is good for your heart, but for best results, you want to make the water you drink alkaline water. Here’s why

  • Great source of calcium and magnesium
  • Hydrates better and faster than plain water
  • Can elevate blood pH by as much as 40 to 70%


Why you need calcium and magnesium for your heart: Virtually every process in your body depends on calcium and magnesium, and your heart is no exception. The strongest evidence of benefit to the heart from drinking alkaline water is for the magnesium in it. The study: Hard Water and the Heart showed that people who drank water that lacked magnesium tended to have heart problems and high blood pressure far more frequently than people who drank water with healthy levels of magnesium. A water ionizer concentrates both the calcium and magnesium in your water so you get more of both with every glass of water you drink.

Hydration: A glass of water and hour before bed will save your life. Drinking an eight ounce glass of water before bed can prevent a heart attack or stroke. The CDC estimates that 3 out of 4 people are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration makes your blood thicker, and harder for your heart to pump. Alkaline water provides hydration that is superior to regular water.

Blood pH: When you are out of breath, your body is in a state of respiratory acidosis: Your blood pH is too low for your blood to absorb enough oxygen from your lungs. Alkaline water is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, and it has been shown to raise blood pH from 40 – 70% within the healthy pH range for blood, if your body is in a condition of respiratory acidosis.

Water ionizers make heart healthy water

Alkaline water is good for your heart, if you can make every glass of water you drink alkaline water, then you are supplying your body with the calcium, magnesium, pH balance and hydration it needs for good heart health. Throughout your day, you should drink about 2 – 3 liters of water for proper hydration. A water ionizer never runs out of alkaline water, so you’ll be able to make every glass of water you drink heart healthy. Could drinking alkaline water prevent a heart attack? Thanks to it’s superior hydration, mineral content, and pH balance, it may improve your chances of living a heart-healthy life considerably.


Better water, better health. You’re worth it. Call us at 855 790-8121 and take back your health.




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