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Alkaline Water: Good Health or Junk Science?

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There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about alkaline water, and it’s easy to see why. The correct name for alkaline

Alkaline water: Good health – and the studies to back it up

water is “Electrolyzed Reduced Water” in chemistry, there is no such thing as alkaline or kangen water. Both of these are simply marketing terms. That’s why if you do a Google Scholar search for alkaline water studies, you won’t find any. To find the studies that have been done, you have to search for Electrolyzed Reduced Water.

An article online called Alkaline Water: Good Health or Junk Science by Jan Roberts claims that alkaline ionized water can’t have any effect on the body because it’s neutralized by stomach acid. But later in the article, Roberts warns that if you drink alkaline water, it will interfere with your digestive enzymes. I found that mighty confusing, you can’t have it both ways: If it did nothing, then there’s no way it could interfere with your digestive enzymes.

I tried to reach out to Roberts to ask about this contradiction, but strangely enough, the company she wrote the article for says that no such person works there.

Can alkaline water help fight disease, combat acidity, enhance longevity and even cure cancer?

Alkaline ionized water promotes general wellness, it’s not a drug. You drink it to enhance your health. Research shows that drinking it can raise blood and urine pH when they are low. It can fight acidity, and that drinking alkaline water brings gradual relief of digestive upset caused by acidity, it also brings gradual relief of the symptoms of Gastrointestinal Reflux.

Do the health claims being made for this new ‘wonder-water’ stand-up to scientific scrutiny?

Alkaline water isn’t a “new wonder water”. Springs like Noredneau in Germany have been prized for centuries for their health-restorative properties. Water ionizers simply turn tap water into the same kind of water you get from springs like Nordeneau.

There are over 40 studies that document health benefits from drinking alkaline water. It helps with digestive upset, bone health, athletic performance, and many other conditions

More importantly, is there any evidence that some forms of ‘alkaline water’ might even be harmful?

No. Alkaline water is generally recognized as safe by health experts. In fact, there is only one “form” of alkaline water, because all alkaline water gets its alkalinity from the same place – calcium and magnesium. No negative health effects have ever been reported in humans from drinking alkaline ionized water in the over 200 years of documented medical history that it has been consumed.

How water ionizers work

Ionizers use a process called electrodialysis to separate the ions in water into alkaline and acidic fractions, each are discharged separately. It’s important to note that the dissolved mineral ions in alkaline water are naturally present. Water ionizers can’t alter them in any way. Because of this, the water from a water ionizer is exactly the same as antioxidant natural spring water – good for your health, and 100% natural.

Is there medical evidence to support the health claims made for alkaline water?

Yes, there are over 40 studies that support the health benefits of alkaline ionized water.

Why did Dr. Weil say alkaline water claim there’s no scientific evidence?

Dr. Weil was specifically referring to implausible health claims made by Enagic Kangen about cancer. He’s right, the Enagic claims are bunk. Dr. Weil failed to discuss the actual health studies done on alkaline water because he doesn’t even realise they exist! Scientists call alkaline water “electrolyzed reduced water” to find the medical studies on it, that is what you must search for. Dr. Weil searched for “alkaline water studies” so he missed all of the available research. See for yourself:

Scholar search results:

Alkaline water warning?

The rat studies referred to in the article have never been reproduced. They are considered to be outliers which are not supported by the medical facts.

Digestion interrupted?

Earlier in the article, the author states:

“our stomach contains hydrochloric acid with a pH of around 3 to 4.  If we drink water with a pH 8.5 or 9 it is immediately neutralised by our gastric acids and loses its ability to alkalise our body as soon it enters the highly acidic stomach environment.”

At the end of the article the author states:

“We noted before that weakly buffered ‘alkaline water’ (even at pH 11) is immediately neutralised by the stomach acids. However, it does have an effect on our digestive system.

Every time you drink artificially high pH ‘ionized’ water your stomach produces more acid to compensate for the dilution of acid in the stomach.”

Which is it? Is alkaline water destroyed by the acidic stomach? Or does it have an effect? The fact is – you are not supposed to drink alkaline water with meals – because it does have an effect.

The article closes with a “theory” (unsupported by evidence) that drinking alkaline water disrupts enzyme production. Alkaline ionized water from water ionizers has been in use since the 1950’s. How come we have never heard of a single case of any negative effects. In our lawsuit happy society, any harm from a defective product quickly results in a lawsuit! Nobody has ever sued an alkaline water company for harm. There is no evidence that alkaline water interferes with any enzymes.

Where does alkaline water come from?

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For centuries, antioxidant alkaline water from natural springs highly sought-after because those who drank it claimed it

Ionized alkaline water: Found in only 7 places on Earth – and made by water ionizers

had amazing health-restorative abilities. But supplies are strictly limited: There are only seven known antioxidant water springs on Earth. Nordenau in Germany, Hita Tenesoryu in Japan, and Zam Zam in Saudi Arabia are three of the best known antioxidant springs. Thankfully, you can have this same kind of water in your home with a water ionizer. Water ionizers are the only other source of antioxidant alkaline water on Earth.

Antioxidant alkaline water vs. non-antioxidant alkaline water

Not all alkaline water is antioxidant alkaline water, in fact the bottled alkaline water you buy in stores is not antioxidant water! You don’t get the antioxidant benefit from bottled alkaline water that you get from the water made by a water ionizer, even if that water was made with an ionizer. The reason for this is the antioxidant potential of alkaline water doesn’t keep when you put it in a bottle – it becomes neutralized within 2 days. Because of this, you should regard all of the bottled alkaline water you see in stores as stale.

The antioxidant water made by a water ionizer has high antioxidant potential when it is fresh. It’s best to drink it fresh from the ionizer. Research suggests that antioxidants help fight harmful oxidation in the body that can lead to premature aging and disease. It may be the most important benefit of alkaline water. Bottled alkaline water can’t deliver that benefit.  If you want drinking water with high age-fighting antioxidant potential, the only place to get it is to make it at home with a water ionizer.

Alkaline water filter pitchers: Better than bottled alkaline water

Alkaline filter pitchers like the Pitcher of LIFE make alkaline water with some antioxidant potential. The water they make is better water than bottled alkaline water because it’s fresh. Just keep in mind that it’s antioxidant potential isn’t as high as the water you get from an ionizer, and there are a few other limitations:

  • Can’t adjust pH: Ionizers let you adjust pH according to your health needs, pitchers don’t
  • Limited antioxidant benefit: Pitchers only make about a tenth of the antioxidant potential that a water ionizer can
  • Pitchers don’t make as much  water as water ionizers do
  • Filtration System in an ionizer is much more effective as there are 4 large filters


Alkaline filter pitchers as a great way to bring alkaline water with you on the go. But they’re not as good as a water ionizer. The filtration on an  ionizer is better than the filtration on filter pitchers. Water ionizers make water with a lot more antioxidant potential, and ionizers make more  water faster than pitchers do. For example, a pitcher can make about a half gallon of  water in about 10 minutes. Our top-of-the-line LIFE M-13 can make a gallon of  water in under a minute. If you plan to cook with alkaline water (and for your health, you should) then a water ionizer is a much better choice.

Health: As close as your kitchen sink

A water ionizer makes alkaline water that is just like antioxidant spring water, only better. Ionizers with advanced interior filters and a pre-filter system work by substantially removing the harmful toxins that you can be exposed to when drinking spring or tap water. The  water made by an ionizer is rich in essential minerals and it has a healthy pH balance. Best of all, it has high age-fighting antioxidant potential. There are many distinct advantages of owning a water ionizer.

  • Adjustable pH: For daily use, you want to drink water with a pH between 8.5 and 9.5. For cooking or to deal with tough body acidity problems like GERD, you want  water with a pH of 10 or higher. A water ionizer lets you choose
  • Enough healthy water for drinking and cooking: You should drink between two and three liters of alkaline water per day, plus you should cook with alkaline water because it makes your food healthier and taste better. If you add it up, to get enough for drinking and cooking for your entire family, a pitcher isn’t practical, it takes too long to work.
  • Acidic water for plants, beauty and sanitation: Water ionizers also make acidic water. It’s not for drinking, but your plants will love it, it’s the perfect pH for them. Acidic water is also great for sanitizing surfaces without chemical cleaners. Best of all, it’s a miracle rinse for hair. If you struggle with split ends, breakage, etc, like I do, you will love what an acidic water rinse will do for your hair


Once you own a water ionizer, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get one. The water is so refreshing to drink that it actually feels healthy! It also tastes incredible, and wow does it make amazing coffee and tea! If you have pets, you’ll find that they prefer the taste of alkaline water to plain water as well so that means your pets will also receive the health benefits of ionizer alkaline mineral water! These machines also make acid water which is a miracle rinse if your hair gets dry and tangly, the way mine does. The benefits of owning an ionizer extend beyond the health benefits: You get lifetime savings versus the cost of buying bottled water, alkaline water detoxifies your produce from pesticide residues, and cooking with it makes better tasting food. Bottled water doesn’t provide any of those benefits.


Find out what a water ionizer can do for your health by calling 1 855 790-8121 for a free, no obligation consultation today!

The Dangers of Alkaline Water Ionizers

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If you search online you can find websites that scream about the ‘dangers’ of alkaline water ionizers.

“Dangers?” If you drink alkaline water with a pH of 10, you just might live longer!

What are these dangers? According to ecologist (not doctor) James P. McMahon, opinions among health experts is ‘mixed’. So James helpfully pitches in with his own opinions – spoiler alert: He doesn’t like them. James claims they’re a “fad” but somehow glosses over the fact that water ionizers have been in use for over 50 years.

The Facts:

  • Over 40 studies show health benefits from ionized alkaline water
  • Water ionizers are registered medical devices in Japan and Korea
  • High pH water has been consumed for centuries for its healthy properties


McMahon: The pH of your water is an important part of your health regimen

McMahon states that “The pH of your water is an important part of your health regime” but in his opinion, you should only drink water with a pH of 7.4 to 7.6. McMahon fails to explain why it’s his opinion, and he doesn’t provide any evidence to support his opinion. Why doesn’t McMahon provide any evidence? He can’t. The historical record, reaching back hundreds of years, shows the exact opposite.

The Evidence, There’s hundreds of years of evidence that shows the legendary healing power of antioxidant alkaline water:

Okinawa Centenarians drink water with a Ph of 10 every day

So what really happens to you if you drink water with a pH of 10, every day, for your entire life? Well, you just might live to be over 100! The people of Okinawa, Japan drink water with a pH of 10, that’s the pH of the water naturally available on Okinawa. They are also the longest-lived people in the world, many of them live to be over 100. Their lifestyles are simple, they eat healthy foods, get regular exercise, meditate, and they drink alkaline water with a pH of 10.

Where else do people drink water with a pH of 10?

The pH of the water on Okinawa is 10, and the people that live there live longer than anybody else. But could that be a fluke? What about other places where the pH of the water is greater than 8? There are just a few places on Earth where the water you get has the same healthy high pH and antioxidant properties as the water you get from a water ionizer:

Nordenau is a natural spring in Germany that also has a pH of 10. Over the centuries, almost miraculous healing powers have been ascribed to Nordenau water. In fact, the Nordenau spring is now a high-priced resort where wealthy people go to rejuvenate their bodies and restore their health.

Tiacote water found in Mexico also has a pH of around 10. This site is accessible to people who aren’t rich, but be prepared to wait. Sometimes, up to 10,000 people per day flock to Jesus Chahin’s well , from which the legendary water flows. They stand in the hot sun for hours, just for the chance to fill a can or bottle with Tiacote water.

Hita Tenryosui water in Japan is also a high pH water that people have sought out for centuries for it’s amazing healing properties. This water is said to bolster the immune system, and fight aging.

The fact is, people have been seeking these high pH alkaline waters for centuries. The healing powers of these waters have been documented in medical literature and in historical records. Some researchers have shown that these waters have extra acid-fighting abilities due to their high pH levels. Other research has shown that the antioxidant potential of these healing waters may help break the spell of aging. One thing we do know is this: The only way to get this kind of healing water outside of going to these natural springs yourself, is to get it from a water ionizer.

Is there any research that says alkaline water is good for you?

Yes, unlike McMahon, who only has his biased opinion of alkaline water to support his claims, you can find over 40 studies that show health benefits from alkaline water. Even the prestigious Mayo Clinic now suggests that research shows a link between drinking alkaline water and bone health. Other research shows that it can lower blood pressure, improve hydration status, improve digestive health, and many other benefits. Research on the health benefits of alkaline water is ongoing, for a very good reason: Alkaline water shows promise for maintaining and improving health. Alkaline water isn’t a fad, the machines that make it have been around for decades. In that time, there hasn’t been a single adverse effect reported – none. For centuries before alkaline water ionizers were invented, people journeyed hundreds or even thousands of miles to find springs that make the same kind of water: A high pH alkaline water with antioxidant properties. James McMahon needs to read up on his history, his opinion, as well as being worthless, is flat out wrong.


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Alkaline Water Effects on the Body

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So, what happens when you first start out drinking alkaline water? That depends on your health.

The effects that alkaline water will have on your body depends on your health

Alkaline water has many effects on the body. If your body struggles to handle acidity, you may experience side effects when you first start drinking alkaline water. If you’re already in great health, like I am, alkaline water’s most profound effects will be on your athletic endurance and on your complexion.

What happens to new drinkers of alkaline water

That depends on your health before you start drinking alkaline water. For example, my wife experienced mild, detox symptoms for the first week. I didn’t experience any symptoms at all. She had significant health challenges, some of which alkaline water has helped. I didn’t have any health challenges. How likely is it that you’ll experience side effects when starting alkaline water? Take this quiz:

  • Are you Clinically Obese? (BMI greater than 30)
  • Do you have GERD?
  • Do you have poor digestive health?
  • Do you suffer from Metabolic Syndrome?


If you answer yes to three or all of the above questions, then it’s likely that you’ll experience some side effects when starting alkaline water. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start with Level one alkaline water, stay on level one for a week
  • If your symptoms are hard to handle, then mix your level one alkaline water with purified water from your ionizer. Use half alkaline water, half purified water

The most commonly reported effects of alkaline water on the body

Weight loss: After the first week or two, any symptoms new drinkers experience subside. The most frequently claimed effect is weight loss. My wife lost 11 pounds after her first week of drinking alkaline water. The reasons some people lose weight on alkaline water haven’t been studied, so they’re not well understood. It is known that drinking water at the right time can help reduce your appetite, but not all alkaline water drinkers time their water consumption. Some alternative health supporters believe it may be caused by detoxification, but that claim hasn’t been tested by research.

Digestive health: Improved digestive health is another commonly heard claim. Japanese research backs that claim up. It was found that 88% of people who suffered mild digestive upset experienced partial or full relief from their symptoms in about 2 to 4 weeks after starting to drink alkaline water. It’s important to note the relief came gradually, alkaline water is not a drug. If you have severe digestive health issues, do not stop taking your medication unless your doctor tells you to.

GERD: Another commonly reported effect of alkaline water is relief of the symptoms of GERD. My wife’s GERD symptoms ended about two weeks after she started drinking alkaline water. A study done in-vitro shows that alkaline water inactivates pepsin – the enzyme which triggers the painful burning of GERD.

Alkaline water effects you can test

Some of the beneficial effects of alkaline water, such as improving your hydration levels, aren’t as easy to spot as benefits like weight loss, but you can still test for them.

Urine pH: Your 24 hour average urine pH is a good indicator of your body’s pH balance. If your urine pH is too low, you’re at risk for Metabolic Syndrome, the symptoms of which are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Bone loss
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Kidney stones
  • Obesity


It doesn’t take much The difference between being perfectly healthy, and having all five symptoms of metabolic syndrome is less than half of a pH! Doctors treat metabolic syndrome with a variety of medicines, including medicines that are for raising your urine pH. Alkaline water offers a natural, gradual way of raising your urine pH.

Want to test your urine pH? How to test your urine pH

Bone health: Another of the health benefits from drinking alkaline water is for bone health. Several studies show that drinking alkaline water lowers two crucial enzyme markers of bone loss. The best way to test for this is to have yourself tested by a doctor for bone loss before starting alkaline water, and a couple of months later. Both enzyme markers – PTH and S-CTX.

You can also test for bone loss by measuring the levels of calcium in your urine. This test is nowhere near as accurate as the blood testing your doctor would do, but it can give you some idea. How to test yourself for calcium loss


Here’s a simple way to test your hydration status right now called the Pinch Test. Simply lay a hand flat on the table, then pinch the skin about one inch back from any knuckle. When you release it, the skin should snap right back into place. If it doesn’t, or it takes a long time to snap back, it’s likely that you are dehydrated.

If you are dehydrated, you’re not alone. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 3 out of 4 people are chronically dehydrated. You can put alkaline water to the test for hydration by drinking it for a week, then repeat the pinch test. If you were dehydrated before, it’s likely that you’ll see a noticeable improvement. Ultimately, improving your hydration status can lead to younger looking, healthier skin, like it did for this woman.

How long does it take for alkaline water to have an effect?

Everybody’s body is different, but in general you should see some effects within 60 days. Alkaline water has a gradual effect on health. For example, my wife continued to see improvements for the first year that she was drinking alkaline water. Today, five years later, the improvements, such as lost weight are being maintained.

We have been providing water ionizers to people for almost 20 years and we know that they love the health benefits…they even tell their friends and that is how our business has grown.  We are so confident in the health benefits provided by our Life Ionizers that we provide a 60 day return policy.  Please check out our website for full details and call us now  to find out how alkaline water is right for you!


Your health is worth it, put alkaline water to the test. Call us at 855 790-8121 for all the details




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7 ways Alkaline Water helps you stay Healthy

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Alkaline water is rapidly becoming the #1 choice for people who lead healthy lives, and with good reason.

These are 7 of the most popular benefits of drinking alkaline water. There are many more

There are over 40 studies which document the many health benefits that people receive when drinking ionized alkaline water. Studies show that it can improve hydration, raise your pH balance, promote detoxification and even help you lose weight. Recognition of alkaline waters benefits is entering the mainstream: The prestigious Mayo Clinic now says that alkaline water has a link to good bone health. If you are looking to have the best health possible, here are 7 great reasons to drink ionized alkaline water.

1. Weight Loss

How does losing 12 pounds in two months just by drinking water sound? That is what a  study called The effect of daily consumption of 2 liters of electrolyzed water for 2 months on body composition and several physiological parameters found when researchers followed four obese middle-aged subjects for two months after they started drinking alkaline water. They made no other changes to their diet, nor did they exercise more. Researchers could find no other explanation, they simply lost the weight from drinking alkaline water alone!

2. Detoxification

Heavy metals are everywhere, and they are toxic. For example, the mercury in fish can cause health problems like cancer. Thankfully, raising your  pH balance with alkaline water has been shown to have two important benefits:

  • Helps the body rid itself of toxic metals
  • May provide protection against the toxic effects of mercury

Alkaline water is best for detoxification because it can quickly raise urine pH. That enables the kidneys to filter out toxic metals more efficiently. Doctors use an emergency procedure called alkaline diuresis to quickly raise the pH of a poisoning victim’s urine to save their lives, alkaline water’s effect is similar to that. Raising the pH of your urine taps into your body’s own ultra-efficient detoxification system: Your kidneys. Raising the pH of your urine enables your kidneys to work at a higher level of efficiency. Alkaline water is much gentler than alkaline diuresis, it gives you a gentle, daily detoxification.

3. pH Balance

The pH balance of your body has a huge effect on your health. If your pH balance is too low, you’ll develop a condition called Metabolic Syndrome: A “constellation” of health problems that include:

  • Heart trouble
  • Diabetes
  • Bone Loss
  • Obesity

Doctors test for metabolic syndrome by checking your urine pH. The lower your urine pH, the more symptoms of metabolic syndrome you are likely to have. What’s amazing is that the difference between having all the symptoms of metabolic syndrome and having none? It’s just a half of a pH!


You can get that half of a pH increase, and possibly more, by drinking ionized alkaline water. Doctors routinely administer alkalis to relieve the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Alkaline water can raise blood pH by 40 – 70% in the blood’s normal pH range. Alkaline  water also raises the pH of urine quickly to the healthy alkaline pH range. Drinking alkaline water daily could help raise your pH balance help your body fight the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.


4. Bone Health

If you are a woman, your chances of suffering a crippling hip fracture that will probably end your life is one out of two. If you’re a man, your chances are slightly better, your chances are one in three. Bone medications aren’t the answer. The FDA issued warnings on all bone medications that state that these medications are not for long term use. If you take them for more than 5 years, you’re at risk for some serious side effects, such as your jawbone wasting away! On the other hand, alkaline water is considered safe for long term use, and it has been shown to reduce bone loss.


Alkaline water appears to be the only safe way to tackle bone loss over the long term. The Mayo Clinic cited four clinical studies that showed a link between drinking alkaline water and reducing bone loss. They qualified their statement by saying further studies are needed to confirm the benefits over the long term, which is true. But what has been confirmed over the long term is that alkaline water won’t harm you the way all prescription bone medications do. If you are seeking to maintain healthy bones over the long term, alkaline water may be your only safe choice.


5. Hydration

Are you thirsty? The Centers for Disease Control  estimates that 3 out of 4 Americans are chronically dehydrated. Older people are more likely to be dehydrated because they can easily mistake hunger for thirst. This means, you may be eating when you should actually be drinking water! A common side effect noticed by new drinkers of alkaline water is that they are very thirsty for the first few days. This suggests that drinking alkaline water may actually switch that thirst impulse back on, which would help you restore proper hydration.  

One way alkaline water helps you drink more water is taste. It tastes better than plain water, It’s sweeter, and feels more refreshing.Better tasting water can help you choose it over other beverages.

6. Heart health

“The more alkaline the water, the greater the protective effect on the arteries.” That’s a quote from one of the largest ever study reviews on the effect of alkaline minerals in water on heart health. Magnesium in water, particularly has a significant positive impact on heart health. People deficient in magnesium have significantly higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke. In fact, If you do suffer a heart attack or stroke, the first thing the doctor will do is give you a life-saving injection – of magnesium! Studies of acute cardiac-care in emergency rooms has shown that an injection of magnesium significantly increases your odds of survival.

Alkaline water is the best source of magnesium. Your body absorbs magnesium 30% faster and easier from water than it does from food or supplements. The World Health Organization recommends you get up to 20% of your daily needs for calcium and magnesium from the water you drink. Alkaline water is the best choice for mineral rich water because it’s easiest to absorb the minerals in it.

7. Energy and endurance

Beat the 3 O’clock crash. Do you easily feel tired or winded after light exercise? If so, that means your body is in a state of metabolic acidosis – acidity is interfering with your blood’s ability to absorb oxygen in the lungs. Alkaline water can help with both the 3 O’Clock crash, and metabolic acidosis.

What causes that 3 O’clock crash is dehydration. It happens at or around 2 – 3 O’Clock because your body needs a huge amount of water to digest and absorb your lunch. If you are already dehydrated your body slows down to conserve its water. Alkaline water can provide the hydration you need to make it through your day and avoid that 3 O’clock crash.

If your body is in a state of metabolic acidosis, research shows that drinking alkaline water can raise your blood pH by 40 – 70% within the normal range for blood pH, which is 7.35 to 7.45. That helps your blood let go of acidic waste, and take on more oxygen in the lungs. Athletes know this, it’s why they alkalize their bodies prior to working out. The extra alkalinity helps them avoid losing performance to metabolic acidosis

Professional athletes alkalize their bodies before working out to increase their endurance. Alkaline water provides the alkalinity which fights off the burning feeling in your muscles. That burning sensation is caused by lactic acid, and it doesn’t help your fitness!  Pro athletes know that it’s why they alkalize before working out. The longer they can hold off the burning sensation, the longer and harder they can train.

Over 40 Pros choose LIFE Ionizers. Read their testimonials here

Benefits of alkaline water backed by research

The evidence: Over 40 studies.Alkaline water for health was first studied in Russia in the 1950’s. Since then more than 40 studies have been done on alkaline water that reported positive results. Some of those studies have been blinded, placebo-controlled clinical studies. They are the gold standard for research. Health fads come and go, but alkaline water has been drunk for health purposes  for centuries. Before water ionizers, the only place you could get it was from one of seven known antioxidant alkaline springs. Those springs, such as Nordenau in Germany, have been revered for their health restorative qualities by generations of people seeking better health. Thankfully today, you don’t have to undertake a journey of hundreds or even thousands of miles to benefit from alkaline water’s health-restorative properties. With a water ionizer, alkaline water is as close as your kitchen sink.

Want to know if alkaline water can help you? Call us at 855 790-8121 for a free consultation



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